Men's Health Month

Men’s Health Month: Taking Ownership of Your Health

June is Men’s Health Month. Wearing blue to show your support is a great thing – personally, it is my favorite color, looks good on most people and is easy to coordinate. The best way to show your support, however, is to take proactive steps to literally support and help your patients take control of their health. Most of them …

Matt Kraft

Matt Kraft

Nutritional Consultation Specialist for MeyerDC

Vitamix Ascent

Discover Why Vitamix’s New Products Ascend to New Heights

Though it’s hard to imagine a better blending experience from Vitamix, the engineering and design of the new Ascent series takes whole food chopping, grinding and pureeing to new heights. The brand new line offers smarter technology, more sophisticated controls, improved containers and a sleeker design all without increasing the price. If you’re already a Vitamix fan, you’ll love the …

Unconventional Approach to Nutrition for Athletes

ACA Webinar: An Unconventional Approach to Nutrition for the Athlete with Dr. Cindy Howard

Access Dr. Cindy Howard’s informative ACA webinar concerning athlete nutritional needs.

Dr Cindy Howard PPIS DACBN

Dr. Cindy Howard

Doctor of Chiropractic, Board Certified in Nutrition, Northern Illinois Delegate for the American Chiropractic Association, Medical Advisory Board for Integrative Therapeutics, Executive Board Member for POWERPlay in Sports, Director of Functional Medicine/nutrition for Neurosport Elite, On the Editorial board for Functional Medicine University and Team Chiropractor for Dreamz Elite Competitive Cheer Team

Vitamin D for Athletes and Muscle Recovery

Shared: Elite Athletes Try a New Training Tactic – More Vitamin D

WSJ’s Rachel Bachman and University of Virginia director of sports nutrition Randy Bird explain why studies of professional and college teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, suggest there may be an advantage in making vitamin D intake a priority for athletes.

Dr. Joe Horrigan

Dr. Joe Horrigan

DACBSP, President and Board Member of the ACBSP, Co-author of The Seven-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution & Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention for Hockey