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Achieve Proper Sitting Posture with Naked Sitting

I wrote Sitting on the Job in 1982 because people without proper sitting posture needed easy access to solutions that would help themselves work with less pain while becoming more productive.

This created a win/win dynamic with both employers and employees. This scenario actually became a win/win/win dynamic, because I was able to build a very rewarding chiropractic practice as well.

Sharing these wins with my colleagues through the years in the form of books, post-graduate training, support materials and consulting has helped many others achieve their goals both personally as well as professionally.

For the last 33 years I have been continuously practicing, researching and sharing to create healthier sitting, which has also resulted in my latest book, SittingSmarts Become Happier and Healthier While Sitting Anywhere Now.

The stakes are much higher now with regards to the amount of time the average person spends without proper sitting posture, but so is the opportunity to inform educate and empower our patients…and win/win/win!

Naked Sitting…it’s not what you think!

Naked Sitting - DC AlignedNaked Sitting is a Wellness ‘movement’ that exposes the falsehoods, myths and misunderstandings of sitting as the sick situation it currently is, so we can transform this simple act we do every day into human strength. Imagine this response from your patients in your practice:

‘Now that you’ve taught me how sitting really works, I can sit without pain and have much more stamina and focus, even during long meetings.’

‘Everyone needs to learn these simple tips, especially my co-workers!’

‘Sitting doesn’t control me any more!’

The Father of Naked Sitting is Naked Truth

Naked SittingAccording to a 16th century fable, Truth and Falsehood went bathing one day. When finished, Falsehood decided to dress in Truth’s clothes. Truth, refusing to take another’s clothes, went naked.

Naked Truth, right at this moment, would say that the state of sitting is tragic. The research we will reveal is clear. Sitting too long or too wrong shortens life and sickens people until they die, too soon and with great cost to themselves, their families, employers and society.

Now many proclaim that sitting is the new smoking and place it as the newest Public Health Enemy #1. Sick sitting respects no gender, socioeconomic class or age. Even children desperately need your help. Unlike smoking, you cannot simply tell people not to sit.

There is a much, much greater lesson as well as opportunity here for us all. While sitting less is certainly true and part of Naked Sitting, we must provide the awareness, education, care and support necessary to help our patients and communities shift this very obvious weakness into a strength.

Naked Sitting can certainly make sitting a human strength again

Shifting a weakness to a strength is key to personal, as well as professional transformation. For example, if a patient discovers they have a weakness in spinal integrity or nutrition or managing stress etc. and they take the necessary steps to shift this weakness to a strength, their lives are in a very real way transformed.

The same is true for sitting and this should be our goal. Shift sitting from a weakness to a strength. ‘Sitting’ is now a hot button for an enormous number of people as well as employers, so it becomes a timely pathway for us to develop that win/win/win combination on a huge scale.

A sister to Naked Sitting is Barefoot Running, often referred to as ‘natural running’. Natural sitting? Imagine that. There are natural ways to sit even in unnatural environments, some of which you may be familiar with while others may be new to you.

The questions become why and how? Naked Sitting can empower people to sit better anywhere, without complicated chairs and actually compliment Chiropractic care, rather than hinder it.

One statement Naked Sitting makes is; ‘Use your body in accord with its design and function and it will last. If you don’t, it won’t.’Through the lens of Naked Sitting and this series of articles, we will explore the core issues and practical solutions within the context of a busy chiropractic practice.Naked Sitting - DC Aligned

Unfasten your seat belts and blast off with us on this wildly productive ride! It “stands” to be a real game changer for you, as well as those you care for.

Share your questions and challenges about your patients or practice in regards to sitting so we can address them directly and start the conversation about Naked Sitting.

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