Add Your Practice Info on the WebMD Doctor Directory


WebMD & F4CP Collaborate to Advance Chiropractic

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and WebMD have worked together to enhance visibility for the chiropractic profession and your practice.

Through our collaboration, you can now add your practice information into the WebMD Doctor Directory free of charge.

WebMD’s monthly traffic reaches approximately 150 million visits, with their Doctor Directory receiving nearly 7 million searches each month.

Members of the Foundation will be added to WebMD’s Doctor Directory automatically, but this opportunity is open to all U.S. doctors of chiropractic (DCs).

In addition, WebMD will be offering all DCs a waived setup fee and special price for those interested in an enhanced Doctor Directory listing.

This is a tremendous opportunity that will certainly help to enhance visibility for the chiropractic profession!

Check Your Profile!

To see your profile in the directory, go to and click the “Find a Doctor” link at the top of the page. Search for your profile by name, and review the populated content. You can then call 1-866-665-7308 to speak with a representative who will help you claim, update, or add any missing information to your profile. You can also discuss potentially upgrading your profile to an enhanced directory listing! 

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