Ahiflower Plant-Based Omegas: Helping Musculo-Skeletal Adjustments Hold

Greens First® PRO was among the first brands in the U.S.A. to recognize plant-based Ahiflower® seed oil’s unique fatty acid composition and its connection to maintaining the musculoskeletal system in a more pro-resolving state. Chiropractic therapy has recently published clinical evidence tying reduced lower back pain (LBP) in both acute and chronic patients with reducing circulating pro-inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 in a relatively short two-week treatment cycle. But a patient’s background inflammatory state is highly correlated with the types and balance of dietary fats consumed in the diet. Why not optimize patients’ dietary fat intakes to maximize the likelihood of more effective and long-lasting chiropractic adjustments? This article connects the benefits of both interventions.

A Unique Fatty Acid Composition, Rebalancing the Body’s Fat Intakes 

Since launching Ahiflower oil in vegan softgels in 2017 and merging Ahiflower oil into the Greens First PRO EndFlame® protocol with the Greens First powder, emerging scientific research shows why Ahiflower oil will help the body hold chiropractic adjustments longer in many cases. This is true especially in patients who are omega-3 deficient and whose omega-6/-3 ratios are too high. 

Omega-3 deficiency is known to correlate with higher prevalence of obesity, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, and elevated diabetes and immunological risks. All of these health challenges put the body into a more pro-inflammatory state that correlates to higher circulating levels of cytokines such as IL-6, IL-1B, and TNF-alpha. Obesity and cardiovascular disease also correlate to elevated musculoskeletal pain levels and subluxations. Patients and practitioners can easily measure omega-3 levels and the omega-6/-3 ratio through the EndFlame protocol. It starts with a simple pin-prick blood test kit that ships out to the 3rd party laboratory OmegaQuant, a leading private testing laboratory for measuring people’s circulating omega fatty acids. 

As noted on recent Meyer DC-sponsored webinars with Dr. Donald Hayes, DC, following the EndFlame protocol including Ahiflower oil supplementation as directed rebalances the omega-6/-3 fatty acid ratio directly. Why? Because Ahiflower oil is the most efficiently converted plant-based omega-3+6 dietary oil, providing a more diverse array of anti-inflammatory oxylipins than fish or algal omega-3 oils. 

Ahiflower oil has published human clinical evidence of not only significantly raising long-chain omega-3 fatty acids within 28 days, but also of raising the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 that is part of the body’s natural response to acute inflammatory challenges like intensive exercise or seasonal cold/flu. Ahiflower oil’s more biologically advanced omega fatty acids naturally bypass the liver’s rate limiting hepatic enzyme step through which all plant-based essential fatty acids are elongated and desaturated to longer-chain omega-3s like EPA & DHA. Dietary Ahiflower oil contains >60% omega-3 fatty acids; therefore, it helps rebalance the omega-6/-3 ratio by significantly enriching tissues with a broader array of omega-3 substrates. 

Further, Ahiflower oil’s naturally high anti-inflammatory omega-6 GLA—not present in flax, fish, or algal omega-3 oils—preferentially upregulates to DGLA, not to pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid (AA). DGLA has its own recognized anti-inflammatory oxylipins in cell membranes.  Consuming Ahiflower oil elevates circulating GLA and DGLA alike, both of which have recognized anti-inflammatory activities that help to balance out AA’s pro-inflammatory influence in cells and tissues.  

Many chiropractic patients, especially those on a typical Western diet that supplies far too much omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) and not enough omega-3 fatty acids—driving obesity and other challenges—need help rebalancing their fat intakes. Ahiflower oil achieves this efficiently and effectively. The EndFlame protocol provides chiropractors an efficient, accurate tool for measuring beneficial changes that align LBP reduction (what a patient feels) with objective biomarkers (what a patient can see and measure). This in turn creates a better bond of trust, assurance, and effective pain alleviation for chiropractic patients seeking more durable relief from both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal pain.

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