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AmpLIFEied: A New Social Media Tool Relieves the Painful Feeling of Selling…You Have to Try It Out!

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Would you like to sell more of your favorite wellness products without having to feel like you’re ‘selling’ them? Wouldn’t it be great if people came to your office asking you and your staff about the products ‘they’ are most interested in? Would you love to increase your income and be of greater service to your patients? A brand new campaign launched by MeyerDC harnesses the power of social media so people start to come in asking you about the products they are most interested in, so you no longer have to feel like you’re selling anything to anyone.

 MeyerDC is proud to announce A new website offering you easy access to professionally designed social media posts about your favorite products for you to share with your practices social networks. The campaign is initially being launched with two great products chiropractors love and people really appreciate. The Vitamix TurboBlend VS and Hyperice Vyper. Chiropractors have been asking for innovative ways to make it easy, efficient and affordable to offer these high demand, high quality products to their patient base without having to feel like you’re selling them.

Patients appreciate the convenience of learning more about their doctors favorite products. ShareMeyerDC makes it one-click easy to share engaging social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the same “Ask your doctor” psychology people are used to. In months to come, the ShareMeyerDC campaign will expand to include even more of your favorite products to engage more people to ask you and buy from you on their next visit to your office. They ask, you answer. No selling required.

Whether or not you personally like social media, the fact is millions of people discover new products and services from their friends through social networks like Facebook, every day. The goal is to have ‘your’ message of better health in people’s face on Facebook every day so your existing patients keep you top of mind and can share you with their friends with a simple click on their phone, tablet or computer.

Visit and start sharing your favorite products with your practice’s social networks today!

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Check out these sample Vitamix AmpLIFEied posts ready to share across your social networks!

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