Chiropractic Marketing Parade Ideas

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas: Gain Attention Using a Giant Spine Parade Costume

A chiropractic costume gets noticed at community parades, open house events, screenings, and health fairs

Chiropractic marketing needs to be big, unusual, unique, and motivating. People take notice of something different. Just consider the marketing methods of BJ Palmer – his big bow tie, long hair, riding an elephant in a parade, etc. He stood out and got attention – you and your practice need to also.

Every community has one or more parades, usually during the 4th of July, but perhaps the holidays also. With that, chiropractors have an opportunity to expose their practice to hundreds if not thousands of community members in a joyful, energetic, celebratory environment. That’s huge!

Chiropractic Marketing TipsA parade float of any type that displays the doctor’s name and services is advised; but nothing tops presentation of a giant spine. During my 30+ years as a DC I’ve experimented and have created a lightweight, durable, easy to assemble and store vertebra costume. The white foam, shaped to resemble spinal bones, each worn and carried by a team of practice staff and/or enthusiastic patients, turns heads like nothing else. This is also a wonderful team building event, building camaraderie that will last.

As far as chiropractic marketing, make sure your name is known. Make sure you have a large sign in front and behind the giant spine costume. Hand outs of coupons, flyers, or perhaps promotional items like pens or jar openers with the doctors name and telephone number are also worthwhile.

You may consider livening the parade up even more with music and have a dancing spine.

I make completed vertebra, including Atlas and Sacrum options. Some doctors prefer to make their own so I supply templates and materials if desired.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget a small vertebra costume for the family dog. The public loves seeing the tail-bone following behind!

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