The Chiropractor’s Bill of Rights to affordable digital x-ray technology

We, the Doctors of Chiropractic, believe firmly that:

Every patient deserves to have access to the best healthcare – where surgery and scripts are a last resort, not a first.

Every chiropractor has the right to affordable digital x-ray technology that produces diagnostic-quality images.

Every practice should have digital x-ray equipment that will last not just for years, but for decades.

Every patient should be empowered to have the ability to see – and electronically share – their spinal health images with loved ones.

Every practice should be equipped with the right technology tools to demonstrate the evidence for care.

Our end goal: longer lasting and better outcomes.

“As spine-care experts, the impetus is on us as chiropractors to use technology to know the spinal health status and condition of our patients to promote trust in our ability to properly diagnose and care for our patients. To see is to know…to not see is to guess.”

Dr. Steven J. Kraus DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FASA, FICC
President and Founder of Biokinemetrics



To ensure that our digital x-ray technology solutions help our doctors maximize their investment, to the benefit of their patients and their practices.

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