POLITE Comprehensive Patient Care Plans by Chiropractor Jeffrey Tucker

From RICE to PRICE to POLITE – Providing Comprehensive Patient Care Plans

I made an new acronym that replaces both the old school RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation) ways of thinking. Now, I tell my patients about POLITE – the way to structure comprehensive patient care plans.

First we have to get the diagnosis right. Then, when I think some of the most important and comforting words to our patients, and I say “Now that we have completed our work up of you, I have a plan.” Then, we outline a specific, customized and personalized treatment plan.  The ‘P’ stands for plan and prevention. This includes protecting the injured area, providing education and my prescription. I explain my plan, offer ideas and suggestions on how they can protect the spine or involved area. I explain the services I can provide to help them to achieve a positive outcome.

The ‘OL’ stands for ‘optimal loading.’ This means do not overload the tissue structures involved, but at the same time I also don’t under load the tissues. Movement is important. I’ll provide them with corrective exercises they can do that will help them heal properly.

The ‘I’ stands for ‘instruments or implements’. In my office the ‘I’ doesn’t just stand for ice. I use a lot of physical therapy modalities in my practice such as acoustic shock wave, lasers, SCENAR, lymphatic drainage, deep muscle stimulation and other soft tissue therapies. I also use nutrition and a body composition analysis machine which help to guide my weight loss programs. Patients appreciate that I have lots of treatment options available in the office.

The ‘T’ stands for Taping (kinesiology and athletic taping).Taping is just part of a treatment at this point in time.

The ‘E’ stands for exercise, education and ergonomics. Adding these components to care has a high patient value, is quality care and helps reduce the risk of future episodes. The bottom line is that I offer more than chiropractic care because I want to offer high quality care. If I go through the POLITE acronym it helps me make sure I have not forgotten anything that I want to add to my patients care.

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