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Increasing Patient Satisfaction and Retention by Getting Your Patients to Say ‘Yes!’

Is something missing in your practice? Something important, like your patients?

New research has revealed effective methods to improve your kept-patient appointments. A study sponsored in part by the National Health Services UK examined the number of DNAs (Did Not Attend/No Shows) in doctors’ offices, leading to new tactics you can use this week to help your practice succeed.

DNAs were reduced by nearly seven percent when patients were asked to verbally repeat the date and time for their next appointment before hanging up the phone. In another experiment, receptionists asked patients to fill out the appointment card themselves when making their next appointment in person. This small change produced an 18 percent reduction in DNAs.

Getting a verbal, and more powerfully, a written commitment from the patients in this study reveals the powerful capacity of the Law of Consistency, as described by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., in his landmark book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Following through with what they have agreed to do, and the “pull” to be consistent with what one has said pales in comparison to the pull to do what one has agreed to in writing.

How are the DNA/Missed Appointment stats for your practice? How many of your patients attend your Health and Wellness Workshop when instructed to? How many of your patients are committed to lifetime wellness care? How many of your patients will pay for care when there is no insurance to assist them with their financial responsibility?

Regardless of your answers to the above questions, I know you can improve your “score” in the game. When you offer ChiroHealthUSA membership to patients, it becomes easier for them to say “yes” to care when they are uninsured, under-insured or partially insured. In fact, many of our providers report patients are MORE likely to bring the family along for care because they are already part of the “PLAN.”

Use the Law of Consistency this week to assist you in getting your patients to say “yes” to improved health, lifetime care and keeping their appointments! Your patients and your teammates will thank you!

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