Retailing Biofreeze Professional to Patients

Making Your Recommendations Retail-Friendly for Your Practice

When you’re one-on-one with a patient, selling an at-home treatment product should feel like a natural extension of the overall visit. Once you’ve applied Biofreeze Professional after an adjustment or have demonstrated a few techniques on a foam roller, the sale becomes a part of the patient’s home exercise and wellness prescription. There’s no reason your recommendations shouldn’t benefit your practice’s bottom line as well as your patient’s healing and healthy living.

When your patient calls to make an appointment, not only do you want them to request your services, ideally you would like them to ask about the newest products your practice carries as well. Rather than make uninformed purchases from a “big box” retailer (in-person or online), you would like if a patient approached you for advice on braces, pain relief creams, vitamins and supplements, exercise equipment…the list could go on! A crucial key of how to make selling easy is communication: if you have a product you want your patients to purchase, you have to first let them know that it’s available. Many times, patients appreciate your advice but think to purchase outside of your office. Don’t let this happen!






Let’s start with Biofreeze Professional, the cooling pain relief gel with household recognition. Now that you’ve stocked up on the  Fall sale, how are you encouraging patients to take advantage of your new inventory and purchase? You can continue applying it to patients in your practice, but there’s a greater value in making the gel or spray available for purchase too. Biofreeze Professional is only available through healthcare professionals, so you have an important market advantage as well.

How do you get the word about your product out? Post on social media images that you can share on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest—that are HIPPA compliant–showing your use of Biofreeze Professional on a daily basis. These images promote a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, which is exactly why your patients visit you in the first place! You know that your patients use social media and probably follow your practice online, so it’s best to let them know what you have and why they should try it out on their next visit.

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