Cal Jam 2020 Recap

California Jam, or Cal Jam, is an annual chiropractic seminar and natural health expo that features rock ‘n’ roll shows with two live bands. This event is organized to provide attendees with relevant chiropractic research, studies, and management strategies for their practices.

 MeyerDC attended Cal Jam in Costa Mesa, California earlier this month. Our team’s booth was equipped with an array of products from leading brands, like TimTam, Biofreeze, Posture Pro, and Rapid Release. We enjoyed introducing you to cutting-edge products that could take your practice to the next level.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by the MeyerDC booth. Our team had a great time at Cal Jam experiencing peace, love, music, and chiropractic. If you were not able to attend the seminar this year, we have compiled a selection of photos below.

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