CCA’s Healing Hands…Touching Lives in the Dominican Republic and Around the world

The Christian Chiropractors Association (CCA) was founded 64 years ago and bears the motto “Healing Hands – Touching Lives.” Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the group has approximately 1,000 members, many of whom participate in short-term missions (STM), outside the United States. The CCA also supports full-time chiropractic missionaries. The mission of the CCA is to bring Christian chiropractic care to the world.

Dr. Mark Ford treating a child at the Sosua Pregnancy Center with a Haitian volunteer observing (we had applied Rock Tape donated by Meyer DC to her right elbow).

Dr. Mark W. Ford, Jr., clinic director and chiropractor at Live Well Chiropractic in Pampa, Texas, is a member of the CCA and serves as its vice president. Dr. Ford has been on six short-term mission trips to Jamaica (where the CCA has been serving for over 30 years)

For the past three years, Dr. Ford and CCA President Dr. Brian Scharf, along with Dr. Scharf’s wife, Susan, have established a short-term mission for the CCA in the Dominican Republic. (Dr. Scharf, a full-time chiropractor and part-time Methodist minister, previously served on several missions in Jamaica, as well as in the Ukraine.)

Dr. Ford treating an infant at the Sosua Pregnancy Center.

The STM in the Dominican Republic came about after Dr. Ford met a speaker at a Pregnancy Support Center fundraising banquet in Pampa. The speaker, Mike Williams, is a well-known Christian comedian who spends half of each year raising funds and the other half working in the Dominican Republic with the Cups of Cold Water Ministry. When Dr. Ford asked Mike if his group would be open to the CCA serving in the Dominican Republic, Mike happily replied yes, as they had never had chiropractors serving in his area of the country.

Dr. Ford, Dr. Scharf and Susan Scharf at the water cistern donated by the CCA.

On each of the STMs in the Dominican Republic, the CCA has served in the city of Sosua, where the doctors and their support staff of the CCA provide chiropractic care and share the Gospel in a local Pregnancy Support Center, as well as churches, health care clinics and community centers.

The pregnancy support center is one of only two in the Dominican Republic, a nation of 10 million people. The local population, which consists of Dominicans as well as many Haitians, are appreciative of the care provided by the CCA chiropractors, and are receptive to the message shared by Christian missionaries and pastors who support the CCA chiropractors.

Dr. Scharf and Dr. Ford treating patients at a Dominican Church in Puerto Plata.

The patients treated by the chiropractors present with many health care concerns ranging from injuries sustained while traveling on small motorcycles (which are the mainstay of transportation in the DR) to a wide array of neuromusculoskeletal problems. Many patients present with knee and foot problems due to traversing over rough terrain with non-supportive sandals.

All of the people served by the doctors are appreciative, as they could never afford the type of care being provided. The Dominicans and Haitians we met are loving people; they have good hearts, work hard, and yearn for a better life.

The CCA is very thankful for the supplies and supplements MeyerDC has donated to aid the treating doctors in caring for the many patients who line up for treatment. Even a sample packet of Biofreeze is a prized possession for these grateful people who have so little in the form of earthly possessions, but so much in the way of a welcoming, warm and giving spirit.

This past year, the CCA membership rallied together to raise funds to build a house for a gentleman who is the patriarch of a poor village, as well as a cistern that provides water for the village residents (many of whom work in the local dump, sifting through the refuse for recyclable materials).

Dr. Ford, Dr. Scharf and Susan Scharf, along with the other CCA members who joined them, have been blessed by their mission trips to the Dominican Republic. They plan to return every year, the Lord willing.

Information about the Christian Chiropractors Association

CCA members serve on STMs to many countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Jamaica, Honduras, Ecuador, Belize, India, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Columbia and the Crow Nation in the United States. It should be noted that the CCA has served in Jamaica for 33 straight years.

The CCA also has supported long-term missionaries in Asia and Africa. Recently, a new STM has been established in Israel and there are prospects for STMs in Cuba and Brazil.

If you are interested in joining the CCA or serving on a short-term mission, please contact the Home Office at (800) 999-1970 or check the CCA website at

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