Chiropractic Business Consultants Directory

Strengthening your business and brand has never been more important. Now is the time to revitalize your practice with the help of chiropractic business consultants. From chiropractic business start-ups to improving your chiropractic business with innovative technologies and services, chiropractic business consultants can help change the outlook of your practice for the better. 

Compiled here is a list of business advisors in the chiropractic space dedicated to transforming your current practice to kick-start growth. 

Business Growth & Practice Management

Advanced Management for Chiropractors

Contact: (877) 262-7117


Advanced Management for Chiropractors (AMC) provides multiple solutions for your practice. Whether you are a student getting ready to graduate, a seasoned practitioner wanting to know how to stabilize your practice in an ever-changing practice environment, or an entrepreneur looking for ways to develop associate practices or multiple practice chiropractic locations, AMC provides the answers! Our team is focused on giving you the tools, training, coaching, and marketing skills to succeed in chiropractic. AMC utilizes our experience to produce unsurpassed client-specific coaching and engage them with the best materials and most inspiring instruction in the business. It is our whatever-it-takes attitude that enables us to deliver first class personal service to our family members. By enriching the lives of our clients professionally, personally, and financially, we will impact the profession and improve the image of chiropractics.

Chiropassion Consulting

Contact: 3155054128


Chiropassion Consulting offers the most personalized, passionate, and successful chiropractic coaching program available to you. If you desire to grow your chiropractic practice founded on ethical and care oriented principles, then join us and train with champions as we take the profession into the future while preserving the foundation of the art, philosophy, and science on which the chiropractic profession was built.

Chiropractic Business Academy 

Contact: 1-888-989-0855


The Chiropractic Business Academy (CBA) is a chiropractic coaching and business training company that helps chiropractors build and strengthen their practices through effective, modern chiropractic marketing and proven business systems. CBA offers specialized training and chiropractic coaching in the areas of Chiropractic Marketing, Patient Education, Business Administration, Staff Hiring/Training, Finance Management, and Team Development. With some of these under your belt, you can really run the office as the Executive because now you have a business, rather than just a clinic. The tagline for CBA is “Business Sense for Chiropractors” as they have a proven track record of building some of the largest client practices in North America.

Chiropractic Practice Management

Contact: (414) 332-4511


At Chiropractic Practice Management, we’ve been working with chiropractors since 1985 and have seen almost every type of practice situation possible. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We are the oldest consultancy of its type in the U.S., specializing in on-site services and customized practice building programs. With clients around the country, each week we are in doctor’s offices working on practice development. From start-ups to group practices and multi-state clinics, we have gotten results! Our practice development programs are individually customized to thoroughly address the unique situations that are holding you back from taking your office to the next level. They will help you achieve practice and financial independence. Through personalized coaching and customized solutions, we can help you obtain the results you want faster and keep them longer.

Chiropractor Success

Contact: (801) 410-0646


With nearly 70 years of combined experience growing clinics, we at Chiropractor Success understand what it takes to manage & build a successful chiropractic clinic. We utilize clinic marketing tactics and other specialized techniques to help chiropractors generate quality patient leads & clinic patient traffic flow. We start by designing a blueprint focused on our core strengths of marketing or other business management practices. The purpose is to create a targeted plan that ultimately helps our Chiropractic clinics and Neuropractic clinics generate an ROI driven automation funnel. We are a group of experienced doctors and highly skilled marketers committed to helping Chiropractors and other neuro clinicians find greater success by managing various business activities. This enables the doctor to do what they do best, see more patients! Our doctor consultants are experienced doctors of chiropractic, each averaging 30 years or more of experience in practicing, managing, and consulting clinics nationwide. Our marketing consultants specialize in local lead generation to increase patient traffic flow into each clinic and improve overall daily patient visits.

Innate Legacy


​Dr. Charles Ward has been providing chiropractic coaching for 33 years. Dr. Charles Ward’s Innate Legacy offers the tools you need to institute that will build your practice to the level of success you desire. Our Chiropractic training program works with you and your team to clarify how and why being a success can be the greatest gift you can give yourself, your family, and to the Chiropractic profession. It is the goal of Dr. Ward’s Chiropractic consulting to put you in control of your practice and your personal life, for improved profits and most importantly less stress and peace of mind.

Jim Naccarato DC, PhD

Contact: 801-224-3795


Dr. Naccarato has been a personal business coach for 29 years, helping doctors build successful practices while maintaining a balanced life. By working on virtues such as self-control, courage, compassion, hard work, and integrity, his program enhances what doctors know, what they do, and ultimately who they are. To build a successful practice you must say the right things, do the right things, and be the right person. Dr. Naccarato can help you achieve these critical objectives.

Kats Consultants

Contact: 918-286-7141


Kats Consultants Seminars bring together practicing chiropractors to help them discover how to create, implement, and maintain a thriving, profitable practice while helping their patients improve their health and quality of life. At Kats Consultants, they believe their clients first priority should be the well-being of the patients they serve. Creating a “Patient Care First” approach to care brings all other office practices and procedures together. A happy patient is a repeat patient and your greatest source for referrals. Dr. Perusich and Dr. Kats have been working together since 1999 with Marisa joining the team in 2002. Together they have become some of the top leaders in practice management consulting and coaching and are revolutionizing the way professionals build the practice of their dreams.

RJF Consulting

Contact: (888) 809-4649


RJF Consulting is a personalized professional chiropractic practice management and marketing firm specializing in principle-centered consulting for the chiropractic physician. Since 1998 they have helped chiropractors across the country implement effective strategies for building value and success into their practices and personal lives.

The Remarkable Practice

Contact: 844-973-6275


Founded by Dr. Stephen Franson, The Remarkable Practice (TRP) is a chiropractic consulting and coaching organization experienced with helping multi-site chiropractic organizations grow and prosper. They have helped some of the largest and most successful chiropractic groups become more efficient, effective, durable, and scalable. Running a Chiropractic Enterprise is the next level in Practice Management. TRP has a proven record of helping growing organizations create systems that promote continuity, brand-power, and growth around the world. Let their experience fuel your success.

Steinberg Consulting Services, Inc.

Contact: 425-883-8783


Dr. Roy Steinberg has been providing personalized chiropractic consultant management services for business growth to chiropractors since 2001. He realized fairly early on that professional success in chiropractic involved a lot more than what chiropractors learned at chiropractic college. Chiropractors not only need to be excellent clinicians, we also need a fairly large skill set outside the clinical realm. His consulting services deliver this skillset to clients.


Contact: (818) 241-1144


Sterling is an award-winning practice management and consulting company, devoted to helping professionals build smooth-running, profitable offices. Sterling’s unique program trains you in the chiropractic practice management tools and techniques you need. Sterling staff provides one-on-one, individualized consulting to help you implement these proven tools to achieve your performance goals. The best and most successful consulting group of its kind, Sterling offers a unique program of training and consulting to help professionals build highly successful practices. Sterling has always played its role on a very large scale. In fact, over the past 37 years Sterling has trained more than 170,000 professionals and staff in 1,700 cities across all 50 states. Through seminars, workshops and one-on-one training, our consultants guide practice owners and their staff through the challenges of hiring and managing personnel, improving scheduling and service for clients/patients, sales, treatment acceptance, marketing, the ingredients of prosperity, and more. Because we know that no two practices are alike, we also offer tailored consulting from our team of experts to help owners turn struggling practices into successful ones, and turn good practices into great ones.

TLC 4 Super Teams

Contact: 877-TLC-4888


TLC is a community centered on serving beyond ourselves, embodying love, loving chiropractic, and changing the lives of each chiropractor and team. Actions make the difference: Our coaches put the science & philosophy into practice. TLC coaches are responsive, accountable, focused, & experienced. Each of these seasoned coaches are uniquely balanced in their abilities to facilitate your need for procedures and systems as well as development of self. Each of us has “chinks” in our armor that holds us back regardless of procedural know how. Discover the miracle within TLC discovery coaching through any and all of our TLC coaches.


Contact:  (952) 943-2442 


Founded in 2008, Dr. Tory Robson is a Chiropractor and Chiropractic Success Consultant whose goal is to help you grow your practice. He teaches Seminars & Workshops held right in the WinnersEdge Training Center, and the now becoming legendary WINNERSEDGE DC Bootcamps are considered to be the most physically and mentally demanding events that have ever existed in chiropractic. Robson has also published over 1,000 videos, 32 CD/DVD sets, and two books on all elements of chiropractic practice success.  


Patient Media

Contact: (719) 488-6663


Patient Media provides chiropractic patient education featuring crisp copy, fresh graphics, timeless design, and that special something that connects and motivates. It’s patient education for patients, by patients. Media includes reports of findings, chiropractic brochures, posters and charts, videos, books, and more.

Medical Integration + Adding Services

Advanced Medical Integration

Contact: 888-777-0815


Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is the nation’s leading consulting group for establishing holistic, philosophically based medical integration. Whether you are new to medical integration or already have an integrated center, AMI will help you develop your practice to the new standard in desired holistic medical services. The team at AMI diligently guides you through every single step necessary to successfully establish this new model for care. Your current clinic can transform into a rejuvenated medicine practice, providing high-demand services for your community. For chiropractors switching to this new model, you now can serve the 90 percent of the community that doesn’t currently go to chiropractors. For family practice MDs and DOs, this allows you to free yourself from the HMOs and drug industry-influenced decision making common to the field, by adding an array of sought-after cash services to your town.

Fortune Management Systems

Contact: (888) 216-4976


Fortune Management Systems is an affordable, turnkey business opportunity, offering body contouring and facial rejuvenation service lines to both new and established practices. We help you with selecting the right equipment, training your staff or yourself, and even bringing in new customers. We handle all of the details to ensure our system works for you—in fact, our system is so effective that our clients begin seeing new customers in as a little as three weeks of purchasing the system. Plus, with the help of our experienced chiropractic consultants, you’ll get the specialized training and coaching needed to establish yourself as a successful business owner.

Practice Selling & Purchasing

Premier Practice Consultants

Contact: 770-748-6084


The dynamic chiropractic team of Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Morgan, Dr. Matthew Davis, and Dr. Randi Ross at Premier Practice Consultants have been helping doctors buy and sell their practices for years. Together they offer the unique position of over 100 years of collective chiropractic experience and knowledge in the practice, business, and sales of chiropractic offices.

The Strategic Chiropractor

Contact: 800-577-0321


At The Strategic Chiropractor, the goal is simple: We want to help doctors of chiropractic navigate the changes required to work smarter IN their business and getting OUT of practice. To assist, Dr. Tom Necela began sharing strategies he learned from selling his own practice and by studying successful transitions or sales of dentists, medical doctors, attorneys, and other professional practices. Fast forward 10 years and the demand for help working smarter getting OUT of practice has led us to guide hundreds of chiropractors through the process of selling their practice or creating a transition plan for their business by utilizing both traditional and “non-traditional” exit strategies. Our transition webinars alone have been viewed by more than 9,000 chiropractors & we’d love to help you create a win-win transition for your practice as well!

Create an account with MeyerDC today or contact your personal account manager at 1.800.472.4221 for more information.