5 Graduation Tips for Chiropractic Students

Top 5 Pre-Graduation Tips for Chiropractic Students

Graduating Soon? Here is my list of the top 5 graduation tips to follow before you get your diploma

Join The American Chiropractic Association

The best news is your first year in practice is free. This is number one on my list for a reason, but you have to utilize the resources to understand it’s true value. Ten minutes spent looking over the New Practitioner Toolkit will save you countless hours over your first year of practice. Trust me on this graduation tip.

Figure Out What You Want

One of my favorite quotes is, “Don’t figure out what you want to do. Figure out what you want, then do what you have to in order to make that happen.” There are a growing number of options for graduating Doctors of Chiropractic: from owning a business, to associateships and also residencies. It’s easy to get so caught up in finding the logical next career step that we can forget to give ourselves the gift of time to figure out what we really want in our hearts, and then make a plan to get there.

Find A Mentor

Even if you figure out what you really want, there will be bumps in the road along the way. A mentor can be your biggest ally. If you don’t already have a mentor, or you are looking for a new mentor to help you develop an additional skill set that you are intent on mastering, I suggest getting involved in the ACA’s Leadership Apprentice and Mentorship Program (L.A.M.P.).

Know Your Financial Status

Remember all those nice student loan checks that keep coming in? Well, you really do have to repay those. It might be painful, but pull of the Band-Aid and find out all those nitty-gritty details about your student debt, other obligations, and credit history. Knowledge is power when it comes to finances. For those of you seeking a business loan for start-up costs, the lender will certainly know all those details soon. Don’t be caught off guard by your own financial history.

Make The Most Of Your Time

Life moves entirely too fast these days and no matter what career path you choose, you will be more tied down in your first year of practice than you ever were as a student. So, make the most of the time between when your school requirements are finished and when you have your license. Read that book you have been meaning to get to, visit those friends or family members that you won’t get to see as much with less vacation time, do some clinical shadowing without time constraints, take a vacation, or just do that special thing that recharge your batteries. On those long days ahead, you’ll be glad you took that extra time for the things that matter most.

Congrats, Doctor!

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