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Don’t let deductibles scare your patients away

Coverage DeductiblesJanuary is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, but its when deductibles start back to zero. With holiday bills rolling in, don’t let patients skimp on healthy habits to save cash.

We know that not all chiropractic offices accept insurance, and often, some insurance companies don’t include chiropractic care in their plan, but these tips are beneficial for all in our industry.

Encouraging your patients to schedule (and keep!) appointments when money is tight will better their health and help you as well.

The following four topics serve as great reminders when a new or existing patient wishes to cut back on visits, or cancel, due to high costs:

Negotiated Rates
If your patients show concern over affordability, remind them of their insurance company’s negotiated rate, if applicable. It might be news to them that insurance companies have negotiated rates for office visits, testing and procedures.

Seeing the “sticker price” of a test or adjustment can be shocking. Co-pays often ease the burden of reoccurring visits, too, which are typically a fraction of a typical office visit.

HSA or FSA Dollars
Money allocated to a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can be set aside to eleivate costs of meeting a deductible or co-pay. People often forget that this money is available to them or that they have an existing account with money sitting in it.

Payment Plans
Consider allowing patients with a hefty deductible, or no insurance, to partake in a payment plan. After all, receiving payments in installments is better than no payment at all!

Finally, keep in mind that discounting items in your retail space can be smart. Retail items are big revenue generators and promoting a “New Year Special” for topical analgesics, pillows and supplements will only help those items fly off the shelves quicker. Small discounts, such as 5%-15% a total purchase, are enough of an incentive for visitors to break out their pocketbook and buy that item they normally would have passed on. Small discounts allow you to receive a chunk of the profit while moving a product that most likely would have remained on the shelf.

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