Dr. Jay Greenstein

Don’t miss Dr. Jay at #ParkerVegas

Dr. Jay Greenstein, Chairman for the Government Relations Committee for the Chiropractic Summit, the Clinical Compass and the World Olympians Scholarship Program will be closing out the Parker event in Las Vegas with Dr. Bill Morgan.

Dr. Jay will be discussing three key concepts for prospering in practice:

(1) How new evidence will change the game in healthcare

(2) The biggest disruption coming to chiropractic since the first adjustment by D.D. Palmer

(3) How evidence-based leadership will take your practice and our profession to its greatest potential. You won’t want to miss the event and make sure you check Dr. Jay out to close out this amazing event.”

Watch a video from Dr. Jay here and be sure to follow along on the MeyerDC Facebook and Instagram pages to see photos live from the show!


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