Don’t miss out on this year-end tax deduction!

Take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction now!

If you install a digital X-ray system before December 31 – either by retrofitting your existing system or by installing a new one – the IRS Section 179 lets you deduct the entire amount this year. (Ask your accountant).

Chiropractors turn X-ray rooms into profit centers with ChiroSIght, Biokinemetric’s digital X-ray technology.

To avoid looming Medicare penalties, more DC’s are retrofitting their existing film-based X-ray systems to digital.

Don’t just tell your patients about their conditions – show them – with digitally annotated X-rays!

Are you shopping for a digital X-ray system? Make sure you avoid these common – and costly – mistakes:

  1. Assuming the company you buy from will continue to innovate and keep pace with technology.
    It’s critical to understand that few companies lead the digital X-ray space, let alone keep pace with it. Your due diligence should include questions as to how a particular company has illustrated continued innovation.
  2. Working with a digital X-ray company whose focus is not on chiropractic.
    Many digital X-ray companies treat chiropractic as an afterthought, and they don’t truly partner with the profession to provide chiropractic-specific tools, support or training.
  3. Not choosing a company that offers HIPAA-compliant, offsite digital X-ray storage and file encryption.
    HIPAA requires that digital X-ray files be encrypted and frequently stored off-site, providing a “safe harbor.” Keeping the files locally would result in a practice being non-compliant.

Biokinemetrics is the only chiropractic-centric digital X-ray manufacturer in the world, and we’re committed to ensuring our partners in the profession do not make the mistakes so many before them have.

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