Dr. Claire Johnson Named Clinical Compass Person of the Year

The Clinical Compass Person of the Year award is bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate exemplary service to the chiropractic profession, the Clinical Compass, and evidence-based practice.

Clinical Compass was formed in 1955 and originally named Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP). The Clinical Compass mission is to improve patient outcomes by advancing evidence-based care, and the vision is to transform healthcare through knowledge translation.

Dr. Jay Greenstein, Chairman of Clinical Compass, states, “It is our honor to recognize Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd, PhD for the Clinical Compass Person of the Year Award. She has worked tirelessly to promote the work of the research performed by Clinical Compass and has engaged our organization in ways that few others could—enthusiasm, creativity, execution, and results. The Clinical Compass is incredibly fortunate to have her as a board member and as a strategic partner. More importantly, the chiropractic profession and the patients we serve are lucky to have Dr. Johnson as a thought leader and role model.”


The Clinical Compass (CCGPP) mission is to gather and evaluate existing evidence‐based practice information, to facilitate the development of new information where existing evidence is lacking, and to distribute and assist in implementation of evidence‐based practice information that is relevant to the chiropractic profession.


CCGPP has taken steps to assemble a group of individuals who have the interest, experience, education, and proven follow-through to produce, support, and disseminate an effective document of this magnitude. We have solicited assistance from all chiropractic colleges, national organizations, and from appropriate individuals from outside the profession. We are building a resource for chiropractic doctors and for others who interact with the chiropractic profession: patients, those considering chiropractic care, other health care providers, insurers, governmental bodies, and others. This resource, named the Chiropractic Clinical Compass©, promises to be the most thorough and informative process in its category for chiropractic doctors and other stakeholders to date.


The Clinical Compass has training programs to help doctors of chiropractic and state associations to understand the current evidence base of chiropractic to improve the quality of care and ensure care delivery.


The Clinical Compass has been working diligently to serve and protect doctors of chiropractic and their patients. Information is power, so learn more about the necessary work of the Clinical Compass.

Joseph G. Morelli, Jr, DC, FICC, Hawaii State Chiropractic Association

We are a small organization, in a small state, yet we face many of the same challenges as our mainland counterparts. Because some of the continued work and foresight of CCGPP, our local practice issues and legislative concerns are now much better addressed. Additionally, our DCs and their patients are much better served clinically because of the continued diligence and the work product of the CCGPP. – Joseph G. Morelli, Jr, DC, FICC, Hawaii State Chiropractic Association.

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