EndFlame Finger-Stick Blood Test

Measure & Manage Muscle and Joint Inflammation

to Significantly Improve Outcomes 

Hi, Dr. Don Hayes, DC here to talk to you about the EndFlame Program. If you’re interested in a new technology that helps you do what you’re currently doing better and more efficiently, that can be easily implemented and integrated into your overall treatment protocol, and can significantly improve your patient outcomes, then EndFlame is for you.   

Be sure to read this article to the end because I’m going to show you how to get an EndFlame finger-stick blood test and a personalized 3-page lab report at no charge. You’ll also learn how easy it is to offer this service in your office or by sending the test and supplements directly to patients. 

Everyone knows the adage “seeing is believing” but with EndFlame the message changes to “seeing is knowing.” 

In an evidence-based world, doctors need to “show” the difference they are making with their treatments. 
In practice, we end up just TALKING about how much better things are when we could be SHOWING the impact we’re making with a blood test. 

EndFlame allows you to SHOW what a great job you’re doing on all patients, no matter what type of musculoskeletal injury they have.  

As a chiropractor who owned 4 clinics for over 20 years, I can say without a doubt that I dealt with musculoskeletal inflammation every single day on every single patient. 

A recent study from Harvard revealed that Resolvins, derived from Omega-3 EPA & DHA, serve as the body’s natural stop signals to inflammation. 

Think about that for a second. A molecule that’s made by the body’s immune system, on-demand at the time of an injury from Omega-3 EPA & DHA, according to Harvard, is THE BODY’S NATURAL STOP SIGNAL TO INFLAMMATION. 

I immediately flashed back to private practice and found myself thinking if I had the opportunity to do then what can be done now, wow, what a difference I would have made in patient outcomes.  

Currently, if you want to test directly for inflammation, you’d request a C-Reactive Protein test if you’re concerned about inflammation associated with infections, Homocysteine if you’re concerned about inflammation associated with cardiovascular health, or HbA1C if you’re concerned about inflammation associated with elevated blood sugar. But as good as these tests are, none are really specific for trauma-induced muscle and joint inflammation.  

What’s the best way to measure & monitor for trauma-induced inflammation?  

By using a blood test that doesn’t measure inflammation at all, but instead acts as a surrogate marker to test for Resolvins, the very molecules Harvard discovered and is now saying is the body’s natural stop signal to inflammation. 

I’m talking about taking one drop of blood and using the EndFlame test to determine if a patient has an EPA & DHA deficiency. 

The Omega-3 Index and Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio act as surrogate markers for Resolvins—those tiny molecules in the blood that have been found to shut down a fired-up inflammatory response.

Frankly, there’s nothing we have in our chiropractic tool bag to deal with an Omega-3 deficiency, but there’s plenty we can do if we understand Harvard’s research on how to use a dual-pronged approach to treat acute and chronic inflammation. 

Most doctors know what turns on inflammation, typically injuries, but they don’t really know how to turn it off. 

Harvard Professor, Dr Charles Serhan spent 25 years researching how to turn off inflammation. He’s the one who discovered Resolvins in the blood and determined they turn off both acute and chronic inflammation and turn on healing.  

The discovery of resolvins is a huge game changer for practitioners who deal with physical injuries and muscle and joint inflammation. 

Serhan discovered in order to MAKE RESOLVINS, TURN OFF INFLAMMATION, and take acute injuries to RESOLUTION, you MUST HAVE a RESERVOIR of EPA and DHA in the bloodstream, between 8 and 12%

If a patient doesn’t have an Omega-3 Index of at least 8%, they’ll NOT BE ABLE to make Resolvins, they’ll NOT BE ABLE to stop inflammation, and their injuries will either heal with scar tissue or develop into CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, regardless of what kind of treatment was provided. 

So, what is the dual-pronged treatment approach to treat inflammation? 

Researchers suggest the best way to resolve trauma-induced inflammation is by using both local and systemic treatments in tandem.

For instance, at the local site of injury a practitioner could provide Mechanical Therapy, such as chiropractic adjustments and physical modalities to treat local inflammatory cytokines, while also providing systemic Biochemical Therapy that utilizes personalized therapeutic doses of EPA, DHA, and Polyphenols to make Resolvins that will support the turning down of the inflammatory response. 

EndFlame is the centerpiece of the dual-pronged treatment protocol. It acts as a surrogate test to measure and manage trauma-induced inflammation and then recommends biochemical therapy to support the reduction of the body’s inflammatory response. 

It works for all types of musculoskeletal inflammation with either new or active patients to support muscle and joint pain and improve treatment outcomes. The test is supported in science with more than 200 studies and over 100 peer-reviewed journals.

Implementing the program is easy. It has both subjective and objective components.  

Patients fill out an EndFlame Survey in the office or at home by email.

The doctor uses the survey score to recommend the EndFlame test and the starting dosage of the two anti-inflammatory supplements. 

The patient conducts the finger-stick blood test at home, begins the supplements, and when their results come back, the provider adjusts the dosage to meet the patient’s own personalized therapeutic needs. 

The patient stays on the two supplements for 90-days, which is the time it takes for red blood cells to turn over and then gets retested. If their test results are in range, they go on a monthly maintenance dose of the two supplements.  

To begin using the EndFlame Program in your office or by sending the test and supplements directly to patients at home,  I recommend you take the survey and conduct the blood test on yourself to see how it works. The cost of the lab fee will be waived if you haven’t already received a free test.

I’ll email you the EndFlame Survey to fill out and score and then on your consult, we’ll go over your score and I’ll show you how to recommend the blood test and the two anti-inflammatory supplements, using a sample case study EndFlame report. After your consultation, I’ll send you a free EndFlame kit to test yourself, and in 7 to 10 days you’ll get your own results.

Keep in mind you shouldn’t wait to begin offering EndFlame in your practice because most patients already need this second prong treatment protocol to deal with their muscle and joint inflammation. You’ll get all you need after your consult to start offering the program, the EndFlame Symptom Survey, and the EndFlame Dosage Chart.

To see a short video presentation on the EndFlame Program, simply click on the YouTube link below. 

To get your courtesy EndFlame blood test kit and schedule a no-charge 30-minute consultation with me, contact your MeyerDC rep at 800-472-4221. 

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Or you can contact me directly at 866-410-1818, Extension 210, and I’ll send you a link to my calendar where you can schedule on your own.   

This is Dr. Don Hayes, DC saying thanks so much for watching, I look forward to talking with you soon, bye for now.

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