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EndFlame Inflammation Marker: Get Better Patient Results While Unlocking a New Income & Referral Source!

The information in this blog post will help you do two things. First, it will show you how to dramatically improve your patient’s musculoskeletal health, while also increasing your income and stimulating referrals. 

However, a blog post can only deliver so much information. If this creates an interest for you, then consider attending my upcoming 1-hour online seminar, where I’ll go into much more detail on both topics. The date is May 6, 2021, but check with your MeyerDC rep to be sure and secure your online spot. 

The Importance of Omega-3s & Neck/Back Pain

I’m constantly being asked by chiropractors what the Omega-3 Index has to do with neck and back pain. Omega-3s are so much more important to reducing musculoskeletal inflammation than any of us were ever taught in school. The latest research from places like Harvard Medical School and Debakey Heart & Vascular Center makes it very clear if you’re a chiropractor who sees patients with musculoskeletal inflammation and joint pain, you better learn about the latest research these top institutions have published.  

For instance, Debakey Heart Center in Houston, Texas recently published a paper in their cardiovascular journal that sheds new light on the benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They debunked previous research that stated Omega-3s don’t reduce inflammation by saying the reasons for their incorrect findings was because they “under dosed” patients that led to poor results.  

In fact, Debakey’s paper has a section entitled “How Can Clinicians  Assess Omega-3 Status in Their Patients?”.  Debakey says there are only two ways, first by assessing a patient’s food diary, which is subjective, and second by using an evidence-based, objective, direct assessment, finger-stick blood test. Debakey states in patient care, direct blood testing of Omega-3 Status is preferred because it can monitor if a patient’s dosage of Omega-3s is sufficient to achieve protective Omega-3 blood levels, something that wasn’t done in the “failed” research projects.  

EndFlame Inflammation Marker – Takeaway  

Chiropractors should use the Debakey Heart & Vascular Center’s research as  proof of the best way to assess Omega-3 status in their patients. The EndFlame Inflammation Marker is the most evidenced-based way to recommend the proper therapeutic dose of Omega-3s, period. Chiropractors that prescribe an Omega-3 dosage based on label claim, or the “one-size-fits-all” approach and doesn’t take a patient’s Omega-3 Status into consideration, will under prescribe Omega-3s and like the research that Debakey debunked end up with poor clinical outcomes.  

Unlock New Income & Referrals 

When it comes to the second part of this post, how to unlock new income and referrals, the answer should be somewhat obvious. There are three keys to a successful nutritional cash practice, and I only have enough space to write about the first one. The other two I’ll cover  extensively in my upcoming webinar with MeyerDC, so be sure to sign-up and attend.

The first and most important key to a successful nutritional cash practice, that creates lots of cash-flow and generates new patient referrals is making sure you use an “objective” clinical protocol to determine the “nutritional needs” of your patients.

There are many different clinical tests chiropractors use to determine the best and most appropriate protocols for direct treatment of back and neck pain, but if they use the same clinical tests to determine a patient’s nutritional needs, they’ll find it falls short and won’t work.

While there are many complex and time-consuming systems to determine what nutritional supplements to recommend in a chiropractic practice, the system that we’ve designed, the EndFlame Inflammation Marker protocol, is what we feel is the most science-based, researched, and effective way for practitioners and patients to get answers to their specific anti-inflammatory nutritional needs and get them fairly quickly. 

The EndFlame Inflammation Marker is based on blood, considered the “gold standard” of diagnostic testing in healthcare. Blood will provide objective proof of a patient’s Omega-3 Fatty Acid Status that’s needed to make an accurate therapeutic dosage recommendation.  

In addition, EndFlame blood test findings provide answers to “need” in a relatively short period of time so practitioners can provide a high quality, research-based consultation and delivered service in a short enough period of time to fit within the economics of a cash practice, say 5 to 10 minutes. 

In closing, I have two other keys you need to know in order to build a successful nutritional cash practice. No sense in reinventing the wheel! You can grow your practice with this turnkey, proven, step-by-step system. The secrets to a successful cash nutritional practice are the foundation of the seminar I’ll be teaching and are easily attainable by any practitioner. This insurance-free nutritional system has proven workable for practitioners across the US. 

Contact your MeyerDC Rep to sign-up for my 1-hour seminar on May 6, 2021. See you then!

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Dr. Donald L. Hayes, DC

Co-owner, Greens First & Creator of EndFlame Nutrition Testing   

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