EndFlame: Reduce Inflammation & Grow Your Practice

In-Office or Online Drop Ship Protocols for Inflammation & Immune Support 

These are not easy times for healthcare providers and let’s face it—patients are stressed, scared, and suffering with lots of musculoskeletal aches and pains.

But there are huge opportunities for providers who are forward thinking. We want to support and assist our clients notwithstanding the pandemic and what is happening outside of what we have no control over. Having owned and operated four chiropractic clinics, I understand exactly what you are going through.

You want your practice to stay strong over the next year and you need to find a way to service as many patients as possible right now! You don’t have to participate in the panic, slowdown, or anything else.

Most providers’ profits are down, and it doesn’t look like they are going to get better anytime soon. Professional organizations are suggesting that chiropractors think outside the box and figure out ways to deliver healthcare services differently.

As practitioners, we can’t just hunker down and let 6 out of 10 of our patients suffer with musculoskeletal inflammation and pain without offering a solution.

I’m going to show you a way to offer a professional nutritional service to 100% of your database, starting tomorrow. Depending on the size of your database, as little as 4% of them participating can quickly increase your practice cash flow. Of course, my hope is that 100% participate for the sake of their health.

Today, we must focus on what people want and need. Sure, they are scared, but they are also suffering from musculoskeletal inflammation and pain, and we can help with that—even if they are staying at home.

The EndFlame™ Program consists of subjective findings from a survey and objective results from a finger-stick blood test to determine if a patient has unresolved inflammation. The program provides the same support for patients in-office or at home. The online at-home program helps monetize your entire customer base while keeping you engaged with both past and present patients. 

The online program uses emails to promote the concept, online scheduling to make appointments, PayPal invoices to get paid, phone consults to make recommendations, and drop ship options for the blood test and supplements. For patients you are seeing in the office, the process is even easier. 

How does it all work?

Inflammation & Immune Support Survey

The first step in the process is simple. You can give every patient you see in the office the survey or send out an email with the survey attached to your entire database. The survey serves as a starting point, providing the subjective portion of your assessment. Even though the survey is all you need to initially recommend the EndFlame Program at a baseline dose, you will need the objective findings from the EndFlame Blood Test to make your final therapeutic dose recommendation. 

 EndFlame Blood Test & Patient Video Training

After self-scoring the survey, patients in the office or at-home will watch a prerecorded 5-minute YouTube video that explains the research and science behind the blood test. Online patients call the office or click a link to schedule a courtesy phone consultation. Patients in the office receive their consultation face to face. All patients are recommended the EndFlame Blood Test and a starting package of Greens First® Omega-3 850mg capsules and Greens First® PRO Polyphenol Powder to be consumed at a baseline dose.   

EndFlame Dosage Chart

When the EndFlame Blood Test results come back from the lab, the provider uses the EndFlame Dosage Chart to personalize and adjust the final dosage. The EndFlame Dosage Chart rates patients as Normal, Mild, Moderate, or Severe and provides a range from no supplements needed to a maximum dose. In addition, depending on the subjective survey score, it recommends optional supplements to support lean body mass, the immune system, acid/alkaline balance, and plant-based omega-3s.   

EndFlame is Affordable for Patients

We know that 100% of patients eat! Unfortunately, most patients eat several fast food, highly-processed, omega-6 fatty acid meals each week. Excessive omega-6s in the diet cause a severe imbalance of the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio—one of the blood tests monitored in the EndFlame Program—and the one responsible for demonstrating excessive unresolved inflammation.  

The average fast food meal costs $7.00 and is loaded with bad carbs, unhealthy omega-6 fats, low-quality protein, and little to no vitamins or minerals. Fast food is very proinflammatory. By comparison, the two Greens First supplements–Omega-3 850mg capsules and Greens First PRO Polyphenol Powder—cost about $2.89 per daily dose and provide anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acids and polyphenols, which are the best source of plant-based vitamins and minerals.

Patients need to be educated that a serving of the two Greens First supplements is vital, not a luxury. It’s high octane nutrients that only cost $2.89 per dose. Fast food is low octane nutrients that cost $7.00 and create lots of inflammation. Help patients see the value in trading out a couple fast food meals each week for a daily dose of the two Greens First supplements to help shut down inflammation.

EndFlame is Profitable for Providers

A healthcare provider’s most valuable asset is their database. Most providers who have been in practice for at least five years have in excess of a 5,000-person database.

Let me use a hypothetical example. If you send out the EndFlame Survey and 100% of the people in your 5,000-person database purchase the EndFlame Program and take a daily dose of the supplements, you will earn more than $2 million a year! I know that’s never going to happen, but it does make a point.

You don’t need 5,000 people. Since most patients are getting way too many omega-6 fatty acids from eating poor quality fast food every day—creating unresolved musculoskeletal inflammation—focus your attention on conducting the EndFlame Survey and offering the EndFlame Program to everyone in your database. 

As few as 4% of the 5,000, or only 200 people on the EndFlame Program, will generate over $12,000 monthly profit. Plus, many patients will need some of the optional products listed on the dosage chart, and many will elect to remain on the supplements permanently. EndFlame is not about the money—it’s about helping patients make a smarter choice when spending money on proinflammatory fast food or on anti-inflammatory supplementation to stay healthy.

Simple Implementation

This is the easy part. Everything you need to make the EndFlame Program work seamlessly for you in-practice or online will be provided as a courtesy from Greens First. Don’t forget that the products can be drop shipped directly to your patients.

First Time Special Offer

If you have not done this already, the best way to experience the Greens First EndFlame Program is on yourself. Call MeyerDC and request your EndFlame at-home, finger-stick blood test kit, and Inflammation & Immune Support Survey. We will pay the lab for your test. All you need to do is conduct the test on yourself, fill out the survey, and schedule a 30-minute consultation with me. I’ve found that most healthcare providers learn the benefit of the EndFlame program when they are the one involved.

To sign up to receive your complimentary EndFlame Omega-3 Index test, click here or contact your account manager at 1.800.472.4221 for more information. 


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