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Football Training & Chiropractic Care: What You Can Do

After the NFL Combine: Why Keep Training? asks Dr. Joe Horrigan of the the DISC Sports & Spine Center.

Football training is underway for many youth, college and professional athletes across the country. In the spirit of the game, we’re sharing Dr. Joe Horrigan’s article “After the NFL Combine: Why Keep Training?” as a reminder to sports medicine professionals everywhere about the importance of year-round conditioning and wellness upkeep.

Dr. Horrigan notes that, “What’s led them here [to the Combine] is a rigorous training regimen that likely began last spring, at the latest. The strength training and field conditioning work continued throughout the summer and into training camp, throughout the season, bowl games and then in the weeks leading up to the Combine.”

While Dr. Horrigan acknowledges the amount of training and dedication players show leading up to event, players cannot afford to rest on any laurels once their showing finishes. This, Dr. Horrigan notes, is a regretful error that many athletes make following the Combine, which may ultimately cost them a spot on a professional training camp team, derailing future dreams of NFL play time.

How does Dr. Horrigan’s involvement with NFL hopefuls positively impact training camp and NFL chances? Dr. Horrigan writes, “When I have provided Combine strength training to first-round draft choice defensive players, I always explain that they should continue to train. They will face guards who are 6’6,” weigh 320 pounds, run the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds, squat 800 pounds and bench press 500. These guards are capable of inflicting much bodily damage when they pull around end on a play and target a defensive end or linebacker. And if such a guard wants to “test” the rookie, the impact can be terrible — a substantial reason on its own for any rookie to keep training.”

If you train or treat athletes at any stage of the game, read Dr. Horrigan’s entire article to get a sense of why you can’t afford athletic patients to miss training in the off-season. Help them achieve goals and stay healthy with Dr. Horrigan’s advice.

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