From Pre-Med to Chiropractic: How One DC Found Her Career

Jocelyn Faydenko initially began college as a pre-med major. A professor of hers said, “While all of you are starting out as pre-med majors, only a few of you will pursue medical school.” And sure enough, that statement held true for Jocelyn.

During her brief time as a pre-med student, Jocelyn shadowed a DO whom she admired and discovered that pre-med wasn’t the path she wanted to take. She ultimately made the switch to focus her curriculum on Health Sciences.

Foot Levelers, the premier corporate sponsor of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, recently awarded Jocelyn Faydenko with a scholarship at National University of Health Sciences to help her pursue her dream as a provider.

While in college, Jocelyn learned that her half-sister, whom she hadn’t seen in over 10 years, had been admitted to Henry Ford Hospital after being thrown down a flight of stairs.

Jocelyn and her family made the trip to visit her sister, who had been living on the streets of Detroit and weighed only 60 pounds after battling a long-term heroin addiction. To top it off, Jocelyn’s sister was mistakenly given medication that she was allergic to and as a result was experiencing kidney failure. Her chances of survival were slim to none. But by nothing short of a miracle, Jocelyn’s sister survived and ended up moving in with Jocelyn, Jocelyn’s mother and stepdad to begin her road to recovery (which has now led her to 3+ years clean, living on her own, and participating in volunteer work).

Jocelyn was there for her sister every step of the way, taking her to a methadone clinic where the lines to get inside would have no end in sight. After talking with individuals in the lines, she learned that many of them had become addicted to prescription opioids after taking them to cope with pain.

Jocelyn knew there had to be safer, more effective ways to manage pain.

She began taking classes in naturopathic medicine, which often overlapped with chiropractic coursework.

Fueled by the meaningful prospect of helping individuals achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Jocelyn is now set to graduate as a doctor of naturopathic medicine in 2019 and as a doctor of chiropractic in 2020.

Congratulations, Jocelyn!

Happy Birthday Chiropractic! From the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

On September 18, 1895, what is now known as “Chiropractic Founder’s Day,” the very first chiropractic adjustment was performed by Dr. D.D. Palmer on his patient, Harvey Lillard. This event sparked the beginning of a long-lasting healthcare profession that has since brought safe, effective and drug-free pain management and general health and wellness care to patients around the world.

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