HIIT Training for Chiropractic Patients

Help Patients Get Healthy with HIIT

According to exercise scientist Steven Blair, inactivity is one of the biggest health care concerns of the 21st century. This is especially true among individuals with a low cardiorespiratory fitness level that has been shown to be a greater health risk factor than obesity, smoking or diabetes. Therefore it is important to educate patients and clients about this risk and motivate them to get more active by encouraging them to participate in simple activities such as walking.

Performing the following fitness challenge can also help their cardiorespiratory fitness level by providing a structured full body regimen that can be accomplished without equipment in a minimal amount of time. You can find these and a whole new library of bodyweight and cardiovascular exercise videos that can be quickly combined into effective workouts to keep your patients and clients fit and healthy.

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HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is one of the most popular fitness trends in recent years, and looking at the rapid adoption of functional HIIT circuits, boot camps and other gym offerings, it looks like this trend has staying power. This training technique alternates between short bursts or high intense and recovery intervals. The high intensity intervals are performed at a relative high exertion level (7 or higher on a scale of 1-10) and can last anywhere between 10 seconds to several minutes.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

Improved heart health and blood pressure are two factors every patient can benefit from. Your diabetic patients may also experience decreased insulin resistance after consistent HIIT workouts, which can help with prevention and management. There is also a higher caloric expenditure during HIIT exercise compared to steady-state cardio routines, so your patients with weight loss and weight management goals will be interested in trying new exercises as well.

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