Helping support Wounded Veterans…one wave at a time

Hello my friends! With Memorial Day just a couple of week behind us, I thought I’d share some info on an amazing organization I’m working with called Operation Surf.

Operation Surf came into existence as a result of one wounded hero’s desire to learn to surf and to overcome the pain and mental trauma of war. Now we are helping more heroes than ever.

Last year I was asked to come down to an event in Huntington Beach. It had a huge impact on me. It gave me a chance to give something back to those who have made profound sacrifices for our country: wounded veterans – men and women who’ve lost limbs and received terrible wounds while fighting to defend freedom.

I was honored to work with one incredible hero who had to eject from his jet while flying at the speed of sound. No one had ever survived ejecting at that speed. But to the surprise and relief of rescuers, he was alive – though grievously injured – when they found him floating in the sea. Fast forward a few years and this hero had not only overcome his injuries (broken pelvis, bi-lat femurs, tib-fibs, tspine, both humerus and hand fractures) he’d worked his way back into the cockpit of an Air Force plane. Now he wanted to take on surfing.

The energy, humility and gratitude these incredible men and women exhibit is indeed special, and I’m inviting you to join me and share in this experience. We have a great opportunity to work together as a team and bring our diverse skills together to help these living heroes discover better ways to manage the effects of their injuries. Check out the website link below and please let me know if there is something you can do to help these war heroes, Americans who will never get back what they have sacrificed for you and me. Our collective professions can help change lives.

The week-long program is an epic, life-changing adventure for our wounded veteran and active-duty military heroes, bringing participants directly to our events within supportive coastal communities, and exposing them to the healing power of the ocean through adaptive surfing taught by world-class instructors. This all-inclusive event provides an environment where participants work to overcome perceived limitations connected to their physical and psychological disabilities. Participants receive meals, hotel accommodations, travel assistance, clinical and medical support, and all the resources needed to instill hope and confidence in the water, on the board, and in their daily life. These are all provided at no cost, and are funded through generous financial and in-kind contributions from our sponsors and donors.

For more info, please email Dr John Pecora @

Standing Tall for Our Heroes!

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