January Article Summary MeyerDC

Highlights From Our Month

Whether you think the first 31 days of January went by quickly or dragged on due to the cold temperatures, we hope you spent your time wisely! We know we did – we were busy providing high-quality products and high-quality resources for your practice…and what could be better than that?

In case you missed all the articles we published this month, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites for quick reference. These three recently launched articles are filled with terrific tidbits for those in our industry. Read through them to discover ways to boost revenue at your practice and get introduced to new products, too!

HyperIce Venom
Heat & Vibration Recovery Technology used by Dwyane Wade
The VENOM by HyperIce is a cutting-edge, digitally connected, wearable back device that uses heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore/stiff muscles. Anthony Katz describes how the VENOM combines heat and vibration to help patients recover faster.


New Options Sports MeyerDC
New Options Sports Comes To MeyerDC
Craig Brewer from New Options Sports visited our home office! Read the article to learn about the OA wrap from his company that we recently added to our product selection. It’s perfect for patients recovering from meniscal repairs, micro-fracture surgery and more.

Mother and daughter in a medical office
Don’t Let Deductibles Scare Your Patients Away
Dr. Ray Foxworth, Doctor of Chiropractic and President of ChiroHealthUSA, informs physicians how to keep patients coming back when they have a high deductible. Patients who skimp on healthy habits now sometimes acquire higher medical bills down the road.

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