The History of Matcha Tea

The Path of Zen

Over 800 years ago, a young Buddhist priest by the name Myōan Eisai left his native Japan on a spiritual journey for greater awareness and knowledge. Eisai returned to Japan with a new found philosophy called “Chan” and some unique tea seeds. Using the Chan philosophy, Myōan Eisai created the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism in Japan and became “Zen Master Eisai.”

The special tea seeds were given to a learned Buddhist priest named Myoe Shonnin to plant on the grounds of a temple near Kyoto. These special tea leaves made a green tea powder called matcha. The Buddhist monks found that matcha had exceptional health and spiritual qualities and used this tea to increase focus and chi energy for Zen meditation.

The Uji Way (Ujido)
During this time, Master Myoe discovered a sacred location with the perfect climate and soil to grow superior matcha. This place was called Uji, located in the beautiful hills of southern Kyoto. Soon Uji gained the reputation of producing the finest grown matcha in all of Japan. The fame and quality of Uji-grown matcha spread far and wide and even caught the attention of the most powerful ruler of that region: Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (builder of the Famous Zen Temple Kinkakuji in Kyoto).

Today, Uji-grown matcha is known as the highest quality matcha in the world and is sought after by matcha enthusiasts far and wide.

Our Family Heritage Is Tea History
In 1832, a humble tea farmer decided to start a tea business in Uji, Kyoto Japan—where our current Japanese tea production method was first developed. That tea farmer’s name was Tune-emon Takizo, and we, his family, have continued to produce superior green tea every generation since.

In 1952, we opened our retail shop in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, and it is still open today. We are so honored to carry on an ancient tradition that is also our family heritage for nearly two centuries after our humble beginnings; we enjoy bringing authentic matcha tea(please link to the world!

What Makes Ujido Matcha Superior?
Uji, where our green tea is grown and produced, is a source of world-renowned tea fields and is considered the home of Japan’s highest grade teas. The Uji River runs through the area, producing extremely fertile soil, foggy evening mists that help prevent frost, and humid weather in summer. Tea fields in Uji are on the rolling hills and well-ventilated with good water drainage ability.

Here at Ujido, not only do we grow our tea in the world’s best tea fields, we handpick only the smallest, youngest, and greenest tea leaves (these yield the highest quality matcha) with special care and process them with traditional methods.

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