Keep Patients Away from the Holiday Inactive Rut with Help from Webexercises

Looking for new tools to help patients stay active over the holidays? Webexercises has shared their Holiday Fitness Calendar with us as a gift for both you and your patients! This calendar is filled with exercises patients can work on at home between holiday shopping, cooking, and having family over.

Each day is broken into a manageable exercise, so with your help and guidance, patients can avoid the typical holiday slump when it comes to staying fit and eating healthy. Click the image below to access a larger calendar you can print. You can also send your patients to the Daily Webexercises platform to get more information and tips.


Click to access the full Holiday Fitness Calendar!

Looking for more educational opportunities with Webex? Tune in to tomorrow’s webinar with Dr. Dave Cruz, featuring information about neck and low back rehab through the Chirotouch CT Academy.

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