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Liberated Body Interview with Joanne Avison – Healthy Fascia

Standing Tall for healthy fascia!

Open your mind to understanding the role of fascia. Why? Because it is only the system that is literally connected to every structure inside your body and has so much to do with our overall health, movement and function. Take the time to listen, apply and integrate this knowledge into the system you use to treat your patients and as I’ve experienced…enjoy improved response and outcome in most every case you treat.

Also, if you are not already a fascia fan…do yourself a solid and read Anatomy Trains (Thomas Myers). Want to learn more about fascia? Click here to listen to the interview between Liberated Body and Joanne Avison, author of Yoga, Fascia, Anatomy and Movement. In their “How We Form and Move” discussion, the host and Ms. Avison touch on the historic perception of anatomy and fascia, what implications initial formation has for biomechanics vs. biotensegrity, as well as how we need to change the way we talk about movement and body. 

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