Live it – From Adjusting Techniques to Taking your own Advice

More and more teams are using chiropractic to help their athletes return to play. See the recent article below. Tough to find someone other than a chiropractor who specializes in reducing a subluxated ribhead or “pain under his ribs”…it’s our jam!

And there are obviously many ways to approach the adjustment. But I’ve found after almost 30 years working with elite athletes that it’s important to find positions and techniques that are not only comfortable for the patient, but are also comfortable for YOU. It shouldn’t hurt either of you when done correctly.

Rib-related injuries are easily exacerbated and the muscle splinting to protect rib subluxations can really limit your approach, so it’s best to learn two or three ways to get the job done based upon scenario.

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It’s also important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself from a health and fitness standpoint so you don’t put limitations on what you can do physically.

YOUR personal health and fitness are undeniably tied to your livelihood and your ability to help your patients.

So help the world by keeping YOURSELF healthy at the same time!

Ask yourself: Am I taking the same advice I offer my patients?


  • Do the core and scap stability/posture workouts you give your patients
  • Eat healthy and reduce inflammation in your diet
  • Do more back exercises than chest workouts
  • Stretch your anterior musculature and internal rotators so it reduces pressure on posterior ribs

Do the things that will help keep YOU in the game…so you can continue to help others.

The world needs you!

Another great tip would be to do some specific soft tissue work on tight overused anterior chain/ upper crossed syndrome muscles and light soft tissue posterior prior to adjusting the ribs. If you’re not sure what to do or where to start, check out my upcoming course:

Functional Soft Tissue Release and Taping course

November 2-3 in Costa Mesa California at the Hurley Campus.

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Additionally, I’d like to congratulate the Colorado Rockies team chiropractor Dr Shawn Caldwell on his recent success with outfielder Carlos Gonzales (see Denver Post article below). Keep up the good work. The profession appreciates you!

After chiropractic adjustment to relieve pain under his rib, Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez “feeling almost normal”

Kyle Newman/Jun 10, 2018

Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who was a late scratch from Saturday’s lineup, sat out a second straight day Sunday but said he’s “feeling almost normal” while recovering from pain under his rib on the left side of his back.

The injury, which was originally described by the Rockies as back spasms, occurred while swinging in Friday’s loss to the Diamondbacks.

“I was really sore after the night game (Friday), and I was having some trouble sleeping that night with the pain,” Gonzalez said. “They decided to give me a day, and yesterday I saw the chiropractor and he made me feel a lot better.”

Gonzalez said it felt like “something was out of place on the left side of my back, under my ribs,” but that with yesterday’s adjustment he could be available to pinch hit Sunday as Colorado looks to avoid the sweep at the hands of Arizona.

“Hopefully I’m available to come in late in the game,” Gonzalez said. “Or, I could take today and tomorrow off and just be ready for Philadelphia.”

The Rockies play a three-game set at Citizens Bank Park from Tuesday through Thursday.

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