Wellness Index Spring 2015 - DC Aligned Chiropractic Publication

Wellness Index Issue 1 – Spring 2015

The Wellness Index is a biennial magazine publication that contains news for chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists and more about new equipment, patient treatments and stories from those affected by chiropractic care across the country.

Click the image to download a PDF of the Wellness Index Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 2015 magazine.

MeyerDC Wellness Index Spring 2015


Featured articles include:

Taking a Swing at Tennis Elbow with Gary Reinl & Mark Kovacs, PhD, CTPS, MTPS

Keep Patients Healthy with Proper Posture

Navigating the Mobility Universe

You Might Now Want to Sit Down for This with Dr. Ed Le Cara, Global Director of Education at RockTape

Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care Spotlight

Healthy Patient Recipes

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