Massage Therapy Training Learning to Heal

Massage Therapy Training: How Did I Get Here?

My transition into massage therapy and healing.
After a short stint at Montgomery College, I realized quite quickly that I had no idea what I wanted to be. So many of my classmates had claimed majors and I just stared at the list, unsure if that was the right path for me.
Shortly thereafter, I began working as a physical therapy assistant for Greater Washington Orthopedic Group in Maryland. I was happy, but wasn’t sure if I could afford going back to school. I was twenty-two years old, and so wet behind the ears that water streamed down my neck.
I had no clue where to go next, until a friend and I received our very first massages. The experience was absolutely incredible and I left wanting more. My friend and I applied for massage school the very next day, and the rest is history.
I was one of the youngest in my class at Potomac Massage Training Institute. I learned in the first week that every single person in the room was starting over. Some of my classmates were former mortgage bankers, teachers, homemakers and lawyers. Each one had found themselves unhappy with life or their career, and more importantly, unhappy with themselves. Many were finished raising their children and needed something to do—something positive that would teach them about who they were, and give them greater purpose in life.
It amazed me that some of my classmates left six figure positions to get into massage therapy training. Again, I was very young and was just trying to figure out life. I couldn’t imagine leaving all of that money for massage therapy school, until we began learning. Massage school wasn’t just about anatomy and physiology, it was about YOU. It was about making “I” statements, becoming one with your energy and loving yourself. It was about learning how to treat the world and its inhabitants.
Just yesterday, I polled my massage therapy group on Facebook and posed this same question: How did you get here? Over one hundred people from all over the globe responded, which is incredible. 85 percent of respondents all began in a different job field, and switched to massage and bodywork somewhere along the line.
Line cooks, dental assistants, correctional officers, all looking for something more. With no regrets and no looking back, they all embraced the energy that called to them. The response was overwhelming, and also delightful. I love that so many took their future by the horns and changed their lives for the better.
In turn, imagine how many lives they have since changed? How many clients have come through their doors stressed out and in pain, and have left feeling a little more human. Massage and bodywork changed my life, and it seems hundreds of others lives as well. We all took different paths; some were much rougher than others. But, we’re here, changing the lives of our clients’, one session at a time.
It was a bumpy start for me, but I am very proud to say to you today, that I am a healer. One of many healers. Sometimes you have to heal yourself before you can help others. I believe we are well on our way to healing the nation, and maybe even the world.
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  • Erin Haberman

    Love this.. Heather Watson is amazing…

  • Dawn Steinfeld

    Heather, your story is truly inspiring, and the work you do really does heal your clients. Thank you for sharing!

  • Idunn

    Great beginning! Your are an inspiration!