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Why we support massage

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) reported that nearly 35 million Americans (16 percent) had at least one massage July 2012 – July 2013. Massage therapy is no longer only thought of as a luxury; there is ample research being conducted about the therapeutic benefits of massage on conditions such as osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and cancer-related fatigue.

In keeping with our concentration on health and wellness environments, we acknowledge that the massage therapy field is rapidly growing to accommodate society’s needs. DC Aligned is committed to providing certified massage therapists current industry knowledge to keep professionals updated and aware of field changes, peer insights and relevant technique information.

As a certified massage therapist, your focus on increasing mobility and range of motion in rehabilitation patients is one of the most important concerns for your livelihood. Guiding patients through different levels of movement while decreasing overall pain is no easy task: Your work can help prevent further injuries that can sideline a patient’s progress, though.

When complimenting chiropractic or rehabilitative care, therapeutic massage can offer patients a better way to recover following a challenging adjustment or rehabilitation session. Certified massage therapists can help activate muscular recovery by working swollen areas back into circulation by breaking down lactic acid present in the tissue.

Medical massage: a new frontier

Medical massage treatment is becoming more prevalent among American adults; in the same AMTA report, at least 43 percent of adults who had a massage did so for medical health reasons, including pain management, soreness, injury rehabilitation and overall wellness. Your knowledge and skills are widely coveted when it comes to the health and wellness fields.

Your office or practice encourages regular massage sessions to help recovering patients gain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle; so expanding your massage services by technique and focus in-house while retailing at home equipment are important ways to maintain consistent wellness treatments. For your patients interested in continuing massage care at home, take stock of what myofascial release tools and analgesics you can offer so patients continuing improving when not in your direct care.

When you provide your patients with the best care and massage therapy benefits, they will feel their progress take hold and be inspired to continue a healthy lifestyle. When you contribute to their overall wellness, you will not only see higher patient satisfaction rates and increased revenue for your practice.

DC Aligned wants to serve the massage community with the most relevant tips and tools to help increase patient visits and referrals, let us know in the comments how we can achieve this goal!

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