New Options Sports Comes To MeyerDC

New Options Sports MeyerDC

MeyerDC employees Kirsten, Nic and David were excited to meet Craig (third from left) when he visited

Last week, we welcomed Craig Brewer from New Options Sports to our home office! In late 2016, we added an OA wrap from their company to our product selection and have received so much positive feedback. If you are a new customer of ours or are just learning about MeyerDC, you should know we choose only the highest quality items to join our website and catalog! We’re picky and our customers (and patients across the nation!) appreciate it.

What’s extra fascinating about the single-hinged knee wrap is its use of sharkskin. The patent-pending sharkskin patella buttress addresses OA and secondary patella tracking issues and provides reliable support to patients with mild to moderate levels of unicompartmental osteo-arthritis of the knee. Patients recovering from meniscal repairs and micro-fracture surgery can benefit from the device, too.

New Options Sports

Watch this video to see how it works and visit our website to place your order!

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