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A new product – übertherm cold wraps, with Ice Pillow™ Technology – deliver cold therapy in a way that significantly improves its effectiveness and, ultimately, the outcome for the patient.

Continue reading and learn about how traditional cold therapy can worsen inflammation, how übertherm’s innovative technology is solving this problem, and how it can benefit both your clinic and your patients.

Too Much Cold Too Fast – The Chilling Facts

Traditional cold therapy and what’s wrong with it

Studies reveal that the use of traditional ice packs and wraps at times does more harm than good. The bottom line is, if you don’t do it right, you are better off not doing it all. But getting it right has always been a matter of chance. Most of the time it is completely up to the patient, to the product she chooses, and how she is applying the cold.

And herein lies the problem: temperature, cooling rate, and duration vary wildly among the available ice packs and cold wraps, not to mention home remedies like ice cubes in a zip-lock bag. It almost seems as if it doesn’t matter, as long as it is somehow icy. But is this true? Unfortunately, no.

It matters

We all know that aggressive icing can cause frostbite and nerve damage, sometimes severe. What is less known is that reaching sub-0°C tissue temperatures causes injury on a cellular level that is not visible or is difficult to distinguish from an inflammatory response caused by other factors like injury. If you cool too much too fast, tiny ice crystals form in and around cells, damaging cells in three ways: (a) by sharp ice crystal shards cutting into cell membranes like razor blades into a balloon; (b) by leaving solutes behind, causing cell desiccation and cell death; and (c) by forming crystals inside cells, destroying organelles.

How does the body respond?

Cells injured by ice crystals elicit an injury response by releasing a multitude of proinflammatory mediators into the surrounding tissue. Ice-induced cell death causes the release of Fibrinogen, Collagen Derived Peptide, and Hyaluronic Acid.

In all cases the end result is more inflammation.

*For more information on the subject, request a copy of the White Paper: Exacerbation of Inflammation by Aggressive Cold Therapy: Preventing Microcellular Ice Crystal Injury. An Alternative of Conventional R.I.C.E. Therapy. 2017, at

What makes übertherm such a low-cost, safe, and effective cold therapy product?

“After three years of suffering and trying to find relief, I have finally found an elbow wrap that relieves my tennis and golf elbow pains.” – Physical Therapy Patient

Thermal Imaging reveals the ineffective, potentially injurious effects of conventional ice packs

Fig. 1 – conventional ice pack at 5 minutes

Significant mottling and heterogeneity of cooling, with areas of sub-0°C tissue conditions

Fig. 2 – conventional ice pack at 10 minutes

Significant mottling and heterogeneity of cooling, with continued areas of sub-0°C tissue conditions

Fig. 3 – übertherm thermal device at 10 minutes

Near homogeneous cooling is seen with only small areas of mottling. No sub-0°C tissue conditions are seen.

Fig. 4 – übertherm thermal device at 15 minutes

Near complete homogeneity of cooling without sub-0°C tissue conditions.

übertherm Cold Therapy Compression Wraps with Ice Pillow™ Technology neither sting nor hurt your patient, are easy to use, and are comfortable to wear. Experience shows that this greatly improves patient compliance across all age groups, and even more significantly in the elderly.

 “I am having some issues with tendonitis/golfer’s elbow, and have been using this cold wrap for the last week. I was never able to get relief from the ice before, as the feel of the cold ice brick I was using against my elbow caused me more pain; however, with this cold wrap, the cold encapsulates my entire fore-arm, including my elbow, and brings a great relief to the aches of the golfer’s elbow, just after a week of using it. Great product!!!”

A higher compliance rate leads to faster healing and an overall better patient outcome. Take away the chance of icing increasing inflammation in your patients – especially those whose conditions already have an acute or chronic inflammatory component – and benefit from a higher rate of referrals, and an improved value of your practice and reputation.

“I am happy to report that übertherm is fantastic!!! Just had my third surgery following knee replacement and this product by far exceeds the ice machines I have used in the past. … EXCELLENT customer service and I have already told my orthopedic surgeon about you and this great product. Thank you from my heart.”

Last but not least, making übertherm available for purchase at your practice guarantees the safe and ideal use of cold therapy, is most convenient for your patients, and increases your cash revenue.

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