2016 year in review

2016 Was A Great Year For Learning

Patient at the doctor2016 was quite the year for us at MeyerDC. We welcomed many new customers, increased our selection of products and boosted our online presence through this very blog. Several of you have commented, letting us know how much you’ve learned from our posts and that certain articles helped open your eyes to new trends in the industry.

We’ve recapped some of the favorite blogs of 2016 (both yours and ours!) and hope re-reading these pieces offers some assistance for planning in 2017 and beyond.

Dr Jim Hoven Chiropractor HealthSourceJanuary
The Financial Health of the Chiropractor
Dr. Jim Hoven offers tips for being an attractive customer to lending institutions. Rate yourself in several areas to gauge your financial health.


Dr Cindy Howard PPIS DACBNFebruary
Addressing Concussions, There’s More to Do than Just Rest
Dr. Cindy Howard discusses ways to speed recovery and reduce brain inflammation after concussion with nutritional supplementation. See if your way of thinking aligns with Dr. Howard’s.


Dr Perry Nickleston Chiropractor RocDoc Stop Chasing PainMarch
Taping the Deep Longitudinal Subsystem for Dynamic Postural Control
Dr. Perry Nickelston discusses the benefits of taping. Learn why it is important to integrate taping methods for increased recovery and patient compliance.


Dr Jay Greenstein Chiropractor DCApril
Best Practices for Chiropractic Care of Children: A Consensus Update
Dr. Jay Greenstein summarizes a key study on the chiropractic treatment of infants, children, and adolescents. Read the article and see if you agree with the findings.


Dr. Jeffrey Tucker From RICE to PRICE to POLITE – Providing Comprehensive Patient Care Plans
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker introduces readers to his POLITE acronym for exceptional chiropractic care. Discover why each letter is important for successful treatment.


Dr Michael Rintala ChiropractorJune
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization to Reduce Injuries & Enhance Performance
Dr. Michael Rintala discusses Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization for recovery from musculoskeletal overuse injuries and injury prevention. This approach makes for a terrific read.


Chiropractor Doug Andersen Nutrition DISC GroupJuly
Activity and Mortality: Is More Exercise Always Better?
Dr. Doug Andersen summarizes a study claiming that exercising significantly more than the minimal recommended amount provides a surprisingly minor impact on longevity. If you’ve done research on mortality rates, you’ll find this piece extra interesting.


The DC Aligned TeamAugust
Cupping and the Games – Why Do Athletes Rely on the Technique?
The DC Aligned editorial team discusses the treatment behind the strange purple circles athletes were sporting this summer. If you want to learn more about cupping and the differences between “fire” cupping and manual suction cupping, we suggest clicking the link above.


The DC Aligned TeamSeptember
Go Inside MeyerDC’s First-Ever Recovery Lounge Event
The DC Aligned editorial team gives an overview of the industry’s hottest (and coldest) new technology. If you missed out on the event, you’ll certainly appreciate the recap!


Mike Clark PT Fusionetics NASMOctober
U.S. Youth Soccer Launches Partnership with Fusionetics to Keep Young Athletes Healthy
Dr. Mike Clark discusses Fusionetics’ partnership with U.S. Youth Soccer to provide athletes and their coaches evidence-based movement assessments and corrective performance recovery programming. Find out why tools and technology are imperative to the success of student-athletes.


Dr John Pecora ChiropractorNovember
Sombra: Profit-Boosting Natural Pain Relief in a Bottle
Dr. John Pecora introduces the benefits of using topical analgesics such as Sombra to ease patient pain. If your facility has a dedicated retail space, learn why Sombra is a superior option to increase revenue.


Lori HarrisonDecember
Is Sitting the New Smoking?
Do you have patients who sit a little too much during the day? Corporate fitness trainer Lori Harrison provides suggestions for getting patients moving that you can start using today.

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