Opioid Usage across Sports Teams Today

Opioids in Sports: Finding Effective Non-Pharmacological Approaches for Pain Relief

Dr. Jay Greenstein, Chair of the Chiropractic Summit’s Government Relations Committee, and Vice Chairman for the Clinical Compass (CCGPP), was recently an expert guest on the Health Report for FOX 5 DC. The important discussion topic was “Opioids in Sports.”

We know there is a national discussion taking place regarding our country’s opioid crisis. Opioid prescriptions have been on the rise in the last decade and that has resulted in more addiction and more overdose deaths, the most on record being 2014, with over 18,000 deaths due to prescription opioid overdose. This equates to an average of 52 people a day dying from prescription drug overdose.

The CDC, the Joint Commission, the Surgeon General all have recommended non-pharmacological approaches to pain. Because the athletic population has injuries, and therefore pain, this population is especially at risk. On the segment, he discussed the statistics on the challenges, and the evidence-based solutions according to the highest levels of evidence, clinical practice guidelines. Chiropractic adjustments are an important and effective non-pharmacological approach that is supported by not just the chiropractic clinical practice guidelines, but also the medical clinical practice guidelines.

An effort was made to let the audience know that “health does not come from a pill” and it requires “effort” to be truly healthy. What are you doing in your community to help alleviate the current state of opioid prevalence? Read the ACA’s most recent press release about alternatives to opioids chiropractors can utilize with patients. 

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