Sports Chiropractic NormaTec Boots

NormaTec for Sports Chiropractors – Video from Dr. Rob Silverman

Sports Chiropractors: Why Use NormaTec Boots

Where do you go for new information about cutting-edge treatment products? DC Aligned Editorial Contributor Dr. Rob Silverman recently created this video to help educate why NormaTec for sports chiropractors makes sense, especially concerning the improved patient outcomes and additional revenue stream for your business. Watch Dr. Silverman’s video and get the inside look at how he uses the specialty boots with patients, when they’re most effectively used and why you should try a pair now. 

What Dr. Rob says about the system: “NormaTec is my go-to choice for post-workout recovery for lactic acid build up and pre-workout preparation for overall workout performance. It’s mobile and my active patients love it!”

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