Dr. Tim Brown Dangers of Daily Soda Drinking

Do Your Patients Know The Dangers of a Daily Soda?

One And Done! I stumbled across the article, “The Dangers of Drinking Just 1 Soda a Day” by Dana Leigh Smith on EatThis.com and wanted to share with you. 

I realized that this article presents another great opportunity for you to share your knowledge with your patients…better yet, offer to have a day or two when you provide healthy alternatives to a daily soda (such as hibiscus tea, kombucha, fresh green juice with a bit of pineapple for flavor, fresh almond milk or coconut water) in your practice. Sodas, diet or regular, are brutally unhealthy and on so many levels! From heart health to weight gain, you can help patients realize the potential risks and guide them to better choices. 

If you keep a Vitamix on hand in your practice, you can easily make any nutritious drinks for yourself and patients if you need an afternoon sugar buzz – anything to stay away from a daily soda. You can even sell patients their own Vitamix for at-home use.

Here’s an awesome little marketing tool to keep your patients fired up about what a special doctor they have found!

If you have a health food store in town where they sell these drink alternatives, consider going down and introducing yourself to the manager and telling them what you are going to do for your patients. In my experience, it was an instant way to form a great relationship that benefits both businesses. They will often offer your patients a special discount at the store when they come to purchase the beverages you recommended. Simple, doesn’t take much time, but creates another reason to believe in healthy living. Providing patients healthy lifestyle solutions is a differentiator…why people will choose to see you over another is because you care and you show it by offering examples that improve quality of life…how and what we eat, think and do.

Be Well…Stand Tall!

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