How to Sell Vitamins and Supplements to Patients

How to Sell Vitamins & Supplements: Basic Nutritional Protocol for a Chiropractic Office

Getting a nutritional protocol started in a chiropractic clinic can be a daunting task. One of the most common questions we get concerning our supplements (especially from practitioners who don’t have a focus on nutrition) is “where do I start?” I’ve worked with clinics across the country, with varying degrees of focus and experience in the nutritional field, a wide range of patient demographics, and other variables such as storage and display space, retailing experience, and the amount of capital they have to invest in product, and I’ve seen a pattern of success with some key products across the board. I can help you sell vitamins and supplements to your chiropractic patients.


Ubiquinol is reduced-form COQ-10, meaning it is closer to the body’s end-game.

If someone is using CoQ-10, in many cases, it would be more beneficial to consider switching to this more efficient variant.

Ubiquinol makes up over 90% of the CoQ-10 found in healthy individuals

That said, certain factors make the need for Ubiquinol more immediate and apparent. Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion (certain cholesterol medications have historically been known for this) is known to sap certain key nutrients from the body. CoQ-10 is one of the first (and most important) nutrients to be depleted, and Ubiquinol is the a highly efficient way to replete

After the age of 40-45, the amount of Ubiquinol in the plasma decreases significantly, making Ubiquinol the ideal choice for patients past this threshold.

There are a variety of dosages available for Ubiquinol, but in my experience, the 100 mg. offers the optimal balance of efficacy and affordability – it is strong enough that most patients will see significant benefit, but not so strong that it becomes difficult for the patients to afford

All Ubiquinol sold in the supplement industry is made to the same rigorous product standards, manufactured in the same laboratories, and is sold in the same dosage units (typically ranging from 50mg-200mg). The fact that our vendors offer us extremely competitive rates on this foundational nutritional product means that you can offer your patients a significant savings versus what they will find at the typical supplement retailer.

Quell Fish Oil from Douglas Labs          

Common competitor fish oils tend to have a low yield, do not have an optimal balance, must be taken multiple times per day, and have no Vitamin D.

Quell is a VERY high yield of the active ingredients (EPA and DHA) – a good-quality fish oil will have at least a 50% yield of EPA/DHA of the total omega’s – Quell’s yield is 80%.

Quell is a once-daily formula, and includes 1,000 i.u. of Vitamin D.

The fatty acids in Quell are extracted via a Supercritical CO-2 method, not molecularly distilled. This means that the processing of the product does not require the high-heat used in the production of competitor products, allowing not only a high yield, but a much higher bioavailability than in competitor products.

Douglas Labs Multi Probiotic 4000

Most Probiotics sold in stores fall short of the mark – the profiles are not as diverse as a good probiotic should be

Douglas’s MultiProbiotic 4000 has 7 different strains (plus FOS – a pre-biotic to keep the bacteria stable and viable)

This product has an intermediate potency of 4 Billion organisms, meaning that it is a great product to cover the majority of your patients’ needs.

This formula is shelf-stable , meaning it does not require refrigeration.

BioPharma NanoGreens

NanoGreens are the best-selling green foods powders in the healthcare practitioner industry

Due to the typical American diet and lifestyle, most of your patients likely tend to be very acidic, leading to a number of problems, including chronic inflammation, immune issues and other conditions

Products designed to encourage a healthy alkaline balance in the body (like NanoGreens) support an optimal pH, which is a key factor in overall health

Pharmax Four Pillars Kits

The Four Pillars kits from Pharmax are designed to be the ultimate all-in-one base nutritional protocol

No one product will cover all bases, but the Four Pillars kits are a great start. The fact that Pharmax chose 4 of the most important and well-known supplement product categories means the concept is fairly easy to understand, and the value easy to see

Kits are retail-friendly, and are a great way to get the conversation started about foundational nutrition

Douglas Labs Wobenzym (PS and N)

Inflammation is a biological response to harmful stimuli.  An example of inflammation is swelling.

One of those initiating stimuli is joint damage

Short term, inflammation is useful to assist the body in directing nutrients to an injured area so the body can heal quickly and more efficiently

Long term, inflammation can be harmful and destructive because it causes the immune system to attack the inflamed body part

This can lead to conditions such as chronic arthritis and calcification of joints.  Calcification can occur when the body tries to use calcium as a patch to fix the problem causing the inflammation

There are two main types of enzymes – digestive and systemic.  Digestive enzymes assist the body in digestion, and systemic enzymes can help the body to stop inflammation.  Wobenzym is a systemic enzyme which can aid the body in regulating inflammation

Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of chemical processes that sustain life

Wobenzym can help to regulate the imbalances which trigger inflammation.

For over 60 years, Wobenzym has been the industry leader in enzymatic inflammation treatment.

The profiles of the Wobenzym N and Wobenzym PS complement each other very well – the N has the advantage of breadth, with 6 different enzymes in it’s formula, and the PS has the advantage of depth, offering a very high yield of 3 of the most important enzymes in terms of inflammation and immune support

Douglas Labs Valsed

Valsed is a natural muscle relaxing and stress-support product

Advantages over the leading competitor are price and dosage – your cost for a 45-day supply is only $5.70, and it only needs to be taken twice daily

Our clinics have found that the product is better received by patients due to the lower cost and the fact that they need to take fewer tablets to achieve the same effect

As I said before, this is only a start – there are many additions you could make that would offer a significant benefit.  These are our best-selling and best received products with which we get the most positive feedback from our doctors and their patients.  Depending on the specific needs of your patients, we have over 30 supplement vendors offering thousands of products – we have what you need to tailor specific protocols for your patients and their diverse and ever-changing needs.

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