Is Purity Coffee the Healthiest Beverage you can drink?

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This coffee I’ll send you is the result of more than two years of painstaking research… searching the world for the highest-quality green coffee beans, then working with leading coffee scientists on a research-based roasting protocol. Our proprietary roasting protocol maximizes healthy compounds, minimizes toxins and ensures the purest, freshest, best-tasting coffee available today.

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Our mission is to create more awareness around the benefits of healthy coffee and to show people how one easy dietary adjustment can lead to meaningful, long-term improvements to their overall well-being. We are looking for healthcare professionals who are interested in taking this message to their patients, so I invite you to read on and learn a bit more about our journey and why it has been our goal to produce the world’s healthiest coffee.

My name is Andrew Salisbury, and I’m the founder of Purity Organic Coffee.

Three years ago my wife Amber started to have some serious and unexplained health issues. She went from having a normal busy life to zero energy. Getting up in the morning became very hard for her and she would frequently need to sleep during the day and go to bed at the same time as our seven-year-old daughter!

To keep awake, Amber was increasingly self-medicating, as so many of us do, with coffee. In fact, it was not unusual for her to have 6 to 8 cups of coffee a day. I started to worry that this was excessive and hurting more than helping. I let her know about my concerns, but she made it clear that there was no way she was going to give up her coffee without proof.

As you may well know, when one member of your family isn’t feeling well it affects everyone. We went to a series of Doctors and she had complete physicals and blood tests and nothing obvious showed up. I was determined to get to the root of the problem for the sake of our family.

I still had a nagging worry that my wife’s coffee consumption might be hurting her more than helping her. I started to research in earnest if her coffee consumption was good or bad for her. My research led me to the top professors at Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Coffee Studies.

These world-class experts gave me an education on coffee and health that few people have ever had access to before…

What scientists knows about coffee, but most consumers DON’T

Coffee is the world’s most consumed beverage, after water – and one of the most “well-researched” food products on earth. In fact, over 19,000 scientific studies have been conducted on coffee and health.

New studies are constantly being added to the huge body of scientific evidence, but taken overall, these studies clearly demonstrate that 3-5 cups of coffee per day will have an astonishingly wide range of positive health benefits for most people.

Type II Diabetes

24-40% decreased risk for type II diabetes (Ranheim & Halvorsen 2005)

Liver Disease & Cancer

40% decreased risk of liver cancer (Bohn et al 2014)

Heart Failure & Stroke

30% decreased risk of congestive heart failure and stroke (Mostofsky et al, 2012)


Up to 20% lower risk of premature death in men and 26% for women.

“Coffee is really good for you. I make that statement as a physician and liver specialist. In fact, coffee actually may be the healthiest beverage you can drink. People usually limit the amount of coffee they drink and often decide that for health reasons they shouldn’t have that extra cup of coffee they’re craving. The evidence that they are misinformed is overwhelming—and more evidence is being reported practically every day. I’ve become a true advocate of the health benefits of coffee.”

Sanjiv Chopra,
Harvard Medical

Knowing that coffee is a pivotal part of the Western diet, I wanted to provide the best quality for my family. So I asked the experts what brand is the healthiest coffee on the market.

No one could answer that question! Not the professors…Not the scientists…Not even the Harvard doctors I was talking to. They explained to me that coffee can also contain pesticides, ochratoxin A , acrylamide, yeast, mold and mycotoxins.

There was not one brand of coffee on the market that tested for and was free of these bad compounds.

So I asked a different question, “What would it take to produce the world’s healthiest coffee?”

Our world-class coffee experts knew something important that most people do not know; the health benefits of coffee can be greatly enhanced – and the adverse effects can be reduced, or even totally eliminated – through conscious sourcing, processing and roasting.

But no one was doing it.

The coffee experts said they would guide us through the process of experimentation that would end up becoming Purity Organic Coffee.

Over the next 2 years, we studied every known strategy and technique to make coffee healthier.

From sustainable farming practices, to healthy harvesting techniques, from state of the art production practices, to customizing roasting protocols, to healthy packaging strategies… Our goal was to discover the healthiest practices at every step of the production chain, combine them into ONE PROCESS – and create the purest, freshest, most antioxidant-rich coffee on earth!

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