Primal Stretch

Primal Movement Warm Ups

Primal movements make a difference when it comes to warm ups

I don’t know about your experience as an athlete regarding your favorite warm up techniques, but I can tell you mine just never made sense or felt good!

I played sports at a high level and though I know mobility was my biggest issue, I truly hated the static stretches and warm up techniques the coaches and trainers used to get us ready for practice and competition. Another victory for listening to my innate sensibilities, but lack of optimal mobility certainly inhibited my abilities to continuously improve my athletic performance and prevent injury.

Much of my improvement in sports and in living a more pain free life, came near the end of my competitive career when I began to get into yoga, pilates, Active Isolated Stretching (Mattes Method), and/or simply warming up with slow motion movements that mimic the activity. Since then there have been a few other real warm up and training pearls that have come my way.

Primal Move: Activating the Posterior Chain

One program I’ve come across is awesome for mobility, stability and strength gains, that focuses on turning on and connecting you to your posterior chain. I use this system and recommend it to every human I meet. I’ll be introducing you to the founders (a DC and a world-class trainer) soon.

The piece I want to introduce you to today is a great primal movement warm up that takes you through a self evaluation while you prep you and your patients’ bodies for movement.

Please take the time to expand your knowledge base and really understand the different workouts you athletes and patients are exposed to. This firsthand understanding allows us to speak from the experience and relate better to our athlete/patient. If we expect others to follow our lead, it is easier to be “heard” by those who need our guidance when we live what we teach.

For more information regarding primal movement warm ups and Andrew Read’s techniques, click here.

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