Explain the Benefits of the Healthiest Coffee . . . in Under 30 Seconds

Could your patients be drinking a healthier coffee?


Should your patients be drinking a healthier coffee?

The simple answer . . . YES!

But WHY? . . . and how do you explain this with a waiting room full of patients?

Here’s how to easily convey the importance of drinking an organic, antioxidant rich coffee,

where every decision from bean selection to the brewing process has been made to maximize the greatest number of health benefits . . . to your patients . . .

. . . in under 30 seconds

  1. Coffee beans carry higher levels of antioxidants than kale, dark chocolate, blueberries, and acai berries . . . if the nutrients aren’t destroyed during the roasting process.

2. Unhealthy molds and cancer causing mycotoxins, pesticides, and other chemicals can be greatly reduced or avoided all together if you choose a certified organic coffee like Purity, with a unique roasting process created to support the health benefits of coffee.

3. Organic coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer (especially liver), diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other health conditions.


4. And you don’t have to sacrifice taste when you drink Purity. Purity Coffee rated the best tasting Organic Coffee at the US Championship Qualifiers

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates

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