First Responders Performance Optimization Program

First Responders Performance Optimization

HyperIce has recently announced a first-of-its-kind, technology-based performance optimization program for firefighters!

This is a very meaningful initiative for us as we advance our mission to help firefighters, first responders, and special ops teams enhance their performance, health, and longevity.

To expand our firefighter specific methodology, we’ve partnered with RULK, a leading functional training specialist known for his work with firefighters, special ops teams, and SWAT.  See the video below to learn more about the programming . . .

“These incredible heroes have so much on the line while they are out there protecting and saving lives on a daily basis,” said RULK. “They need to prepare and recover at the highest level so they can consistently perform at their very best. The synergy of my functional training methodology and Hyperice’s technology will enhance performance, expedite recovery, and improve health for all of our first responders.”

It is well-known that the rigorous demands of firefighters and first responders take a toll on the body physically, resulting in muscle soreness and strains. These physical demands have led to injuries and ailments, often leaving them unable to perform at the highest levels both mentally and physically.

About RULK and the Raw Functional Training:

Functional Strength and Conditioning Specialist RULK is known for his revolutionary program, RFT, Raw Functional Training, used by celebrities and professional athletes and best known for training elite military, firefighters, law enforcement, and ocean safety.

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