Do you know the story behind the first natural spray-on analgesic?

The story behind why the 1st NATURAL SPRAY-ON ANALGESIC in the US should be in your clinic

Kool ‘N Fit is an effective liquid pain reliever in an easy-to-use “no touch” spray bottle. It produces results within minutes of being sprayed on or splashed on (no rubbing required). It is recommended as an effective pain reliever that also relaxes and revitalizes muscles at the same time. Kool ‘N Fit is a non-staining, greaseless formula made of all-natural ingredients and has a pleasant refreshing scent.

It is excellent for:

  • Pre-treatment of spinal adjustments. Makes therapy easier for you and your patients.
  • Post-treatment to relieve soreness and tight muscles. Extends your treatment for hours.
  • Pre-ultrasound application, muscle stim, icing or massage.
  • Home therapy to comfort minor aches and pains between visits.
  • Great profit center.


In the early 1880’s a compounding pharmacist in Germany by the name of Alexander Heinrich von der Beeck experimented in his pharmacy with a solution of 100% grain alcohol and a few herbal extractions (among them menthol, camphor, a local pine oil, and a few others). First using the cleanest alcohol he could get and combining it with his tinctures, he developed a most effective solution for colds, bronchial issues, congestion and coughs. He filled it in the standard brown medicine bottle, put his handwritten label on it and soon it became the product for anything “cold.” While experimenting and improving upon his “Eau Natural de Herbes” he began to notice that his normally very stiff hands became less painful, more relaxed and not so swollen after long hours in the laboratory handling his solution.

He then applied it regularly to his arthritic hands and was amazed how much better his fingers were able to grip and handle his mortars and pestles, as well as filling bottles and jars with his remedies.

He soon decided to add more beneficial herbal tinctures to his basic formulation, and so he sourced for other pain relieving herbs and plants.

Over the years he added juniper oil, eucalyptus (when it became available from Australia), rosemary from Italy, lavender from France to relax, and many others that offered benefits to soothe the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, aches and pains from everyday physical hard work. Doctors “prescribed” the product to their patients telling them: Go to Pharmacist von der Beeck and get your medicine.

His solution became widely known and Alexander von der Beeck became known as the pharmacist who invented the miracle water. Thus began the long and storied history of the product that finally came to be named Kool ‘N Fit.

The groundbreaking pharmacist left the formula for this wonderful solution, and many more, to his son, who followed in his father’s footsteps. And so started a family tradition that to this day is unbroken. With only rare interruptions (due to World Wars I and II) the solution has been sold ever since in the von der Beeck Pharmacies, of which there were quite a few. In fact, there is still a von der Beeck Pharmacy in the State of Nord-Rhein-Westfalen (NRW).

In 1984, a descendant of Alexander, whose father had inherited the formula, decided after looking at the “old fashioned” analgesic selection here in the USA, to market the product in America.

And so a new chapter began. In the first few years the solution was a splash-on, but soon it was modernized into an easy-to-use “Atomizing Spray Application.” Kool ‘N Fit was the first spray-on analgesic in the USA!

It soon became a favorite of elite athletes in many sports, while massage therapists and chiropractors praised the many benefits the product delivered to users.

Now in its 26th year in the USA, the product enjoys a loyal following and superb efficacy, and delivers proven results.

Here are some tips for your clinic from a doc who’s been using Kool ’N Fit successfully for many years:

Dr. Cook’s Kool ‘N Fit Sales Tips

1) Instruct my CAs to explain Kool ‘N Fit and spray each patient with Kool ‘N Fit on the specific areas to be treated.

2) Kool ‘N Fit is applied on all the patients to help with Adjustments, A.R.T., T.E.N.S., and Ultrasound treatments.

3) Before entering the treatment room, my patients are feeling the effects of Kool ‘N Fit already. By then my patients are relaxed, less tense and in some cases have less pain before treatment is to be performed.

4) During checkout, my CA will recommend Kool ‘N Fit to each patient.

5) We give each patient a brochure with a sample. In most cases the person will purchase a bottle for their personal use between visits.

I have yet to have a complaint about Kool ‘N Fit. All my patients love it and have become loyal users. For me, there is no better product on the market!

Dr. J. Cook, DC TN


Kool ‘N Fit is a powerful external, all natural, hypoallergenic formula that delivers fast, deep-penetrating and effective pain relief for joints and muscles. It is good for arthritis, minor back pain, fibromyalgia, neck pain and other aches and strains.

Kool ‘N Fit is an easy-to-use spray that requires no rubbing and leaves no messy residue. It has a refreshing aromatherapy scent and generates a feeling of well-being. Apply on the large skin area and allow the deep penetrating action to go to work with no irritation or inflammation of the skin.

Ingredients: SD-40 Alcohol, De-ionized Water, Menthol, Camphor, Pine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and other essential oils. The formula meets the highest international standards and is manufactured under the strictest quality control in an FDA licensed laboratory.

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