The Mechanics of Injury for Lumbar Disk Herniations and Extrusions

In the February issue of The American Chiropractor, William Morgan, DC conducted a conversation with the preeminent lumbar spine researcher, Stuart McGill, Ph.D. This is one of five video segments from that interview. You can find Stuart McGill, Ph.D.’s website at

Don’t miss Stuart McGill Ph.D.

Stuart McGill was a Professor of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo for over 30 years, authored 5 books and over 240 scientific journal papers, and has mentored over 40 graduate students during their scientific journey. As a consultant, he has provided expertise on low back injury to various government agencies, many corporations, legal firms, and hundreds of professional/international athletes and teams worldwide. He is regularly referred to for special patient cases from the international medical community for an opinion.

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