The Power of the Rapid Release

“The Rapid Release is different from other devices because its frequency and amplitude will penetrate the entire depth of the muscle. That is by far the biggest benefit…”

Please enjoy our interview with Rapid Release’s Practitioner of the Month,

Dr. Peter Cichonski from Performance Chiropractic

RRT: First off, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. We really appreciate it.

Dr. Peter Cichonski: Thank you! I’m happy to do it.

RRT: What is the name of your practice and how long have you been in business?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: Performance Chiropractic in Riverside and Murrieta. I graduated in 1992, so 27 years.

RRT: How did you find out about Rapid Release Therapy?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: Actually, I found out when one of my patients, three or four years ago, came in and asked me if I had seen one (and I think they had a brochure). I hadn’t, and since I’m one of those inquiring minds, I’m always trying to find the latest and greatest of what’s out there. I got online and checked you guys out.

RRT: What interested you most about the Rapid Release Therapy?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: Being an active relief practitioner, I treat from a different standpoint than most. I look at the patterns we create in our work, sleep, and recreation as being the big problem. Soft tissue patterns put a lot of stress across joint surfaces. Making an adjustment to the joint surface isn’t really going to correct the problem because the pattern is still there. As an ART (Active Release Technique) practitioner, that’s what we do. People often have lots of restrictions and adaptive shortening from those patterns.

When I received the Rapid Release Therapy device and tried it myself first, I saw that it was by far the best tool out there for breaking down those restrictions and making the lengthening of those muscles much easier and more comfortable for the patient. That’s what really got me interested!

RRT: How many how Rapid Release devices do you use in your practice?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: I have two hands, so I have two (laughs). I actually have a PRO2 and a Juvenate. The PRO2 I predominantly use in my practice, and the Juvenate I use on myself pretty much nightly. I keep it on my desk upstairs and use it as I said on a regular basis. I use those two, and it also gives me something to show to my patients—a home version. I use it as a demo, also.

RRT: What are your best results you’ve received from using Rapid Release Therapy?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: It’s been 100% effective at breaking down restrictions as I said earlier, and in the hardest areas to access—the deepest muscles. I first ordered the unit, my big experiment, because, as I tell all my patients, I am the head lab rat at the office here. I try this stuff on myself first then on everybody else. The piriformis muscle, which is a very deep muscle underneath the glutes, is very hard to access. In the three or four years I’ve been using Rapid Release Therapy, when that muscle is adaptively shortened, I’ve been able to lengthen the piriformis muscle just using the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2. Once I saw that I was really sold. I tell every patient that it’s the toughest muscle to do. It’s the most impressive when I do work their muscles because we test it first. We do about two minutes of Rapid Release Therapy on it and then retest it, and 100% of the time it’s balanced with the other side. They’re both equal. That’s where I see the power of Rapid Release Therapy.

Dr. Peter Cichonski: Massage therapy is great. I have a massage therapist in my office. However, when you’re doing soft tissue work, you can only access maybe the top third of the muscle that you’re working. You can’t get the full depth of the muscle. The Rapid Release Therapy Pro2, because of its frequency and amplitude, will penetrate the entire depth of the muscle. That is by far the biggest benefit and where I’ve gotten my best results!

RRT: That’s great! Has Rapid Release Therapy helped with your patient compliance and retention?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: Oh, absolutely! Patients have bought dozens of PRO2s and Juvenates from me. I resell them to patients. They share them with their friends and their family at different events. I have lots of athletes, and they will take them to their events as I do. I don’t know if you know this; I’m a professional natural bodybuilder. I compete for Team USA, and recently I competed in Greece in the World Championships in June. I take it to every competition I go to. Everybody sees it, as do all of my patients, friends, and families when they use theirs. I hear stories of numerous patients’ family members buying them because they’ve used my patients’ Rapid Release Therapy device. It’s an absolutely great revenue stream—selling them in my office as well as the referrals they create.

RRT: Fantastic! Finally, do you have any tips for others? Are you doing something now that you were not doing before?

Dr. Peter Cichonski: My best tip with the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 is it’s just such a great tool for both pre- and post-exercise.

I use it with all of my patients before I do active release (ART) on them because it only makes sense. Muscles are like sponges, and when they’re full of water, they’re nice and soft as far as texture goes and tender. But when they’re full of tension and restrictions, they’re like dried sponges, stiff and brittle.

Trying to work on that or exercise or stretch that isn’t the best. I recommend using it before activity, and I recommend to all of my patients that have Rapid Release Therapy devices to use them first thing in the morning. Also, they’re great later in the evening when your muscles have cooled down for releasing anything that you’ve created from your patterns of the day. Work, sleep, and recreation are the things that do us in. At the end of the night, you can use Rapid Release Therapy in those areas especially that you use the most. You’ll wake up the next morning ahead of the game. That’s my biggest tip!

RRT: That’s very valuable information that our readers will appreciate! Thank you so much for your time.

Dr. Peter Cichonski: You’re welcome!

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