Purity Coffee is rated the best tasting Organic Coffee at the US Championship Qualifiers

Proof that you don’t have to sacrifice taste

when you enjoy the health benefits of

Purity Coffee.

The United States Brewers Cup (USBrC) is an exciting competition that highlights and celebrates the art of brewing coffee. Competitors perform three services, Compulsory, Open Service, and Audience Service, and are judged by skilled coffee tasters. The Compulsory is a blind tasting; the competitors all brew the same coffee on their chosen manual devices. During Open Service, competitors brew and present their chosen coffee to the judge’s panel.

Road to the U.S. Brewers Cup

This season the road to USBrC started at the CoffeeChamps Preliminaries. These events took place in 10 cities across the U.S. Competitors who placed in the Top 4 at these preliminaries earned a reserved spot at one of the two CoffeeChamps Qualifying Competitions. Held in Denver, CO and Nashville, TN, competitors who place in the top 12 at each qualifying event move on to USBrC.

The USBrC Champion will go on to represent the USA at the World Brewers Cup in Boston, MA, April 11–14, 2019.

There are over 2,100 coffee roasters in the USA and thousands of coffee shops and coffee brands. If you’re one of these companies, you’re well aware of the U.S. Championships—and they are a big deal in the specialty coffee industry. Competitors self-select their coffee of choice . . . and any high-quality roaster or coffee shop can choose to compete if they feel they have a good enough coffee to win. But only 77 companies thought they were good enough, and Purity was one of them.

Purity Coffee recently placed 23rd overall

(out of 77 at this competition and dozen’s more at the preliminaries)

in Nashville and was the

ONLY Certified Organic Coffee

in the competition.

Also, as a note, some of the competitors who won do not actually sell the coffee they competed with because there isn’t enough supply and because they chose very rare coffees.

To summarize, Purity Barista, Chelsea Dubay, achieved the following:

  • Only 77 out of all the coffee companies in America (out of the 2,100 roasters in the USA and thousands of coffee shops) competed in the 2019 Coffee Champs Qualifying Competition in Nashville . . . and Purity finished 23rd overall.
  • Purity Coffee was the only USDA certified organic coffee in the competition. So we can realistically say that . . .

Purity Coffee was the top scoring organic coffee by taste in the USA based on the US Coffee Championship Brewers Cup results.

Purity Coffee’s performance at the U.S. Coffee Championship Qualifiers.

In other words, not only does Purity test their coffees to bring out the best in health benefits from the high antioxidant levels of coffee beans, but they also have one of the best tasting organic coffees in the USA right now.

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