Thermally-Assisted Electrical Stim Provides Pain Relief and Enhances Cartilage Rejuvenation

Two recent major scientific discoveries have revolutionized our understanding of pain management and osteoarthritis treatment:

Electric Field Stimulation and Thermal Stimulation

Electric Field Stimulation activates the anti-inflammatory “adenosine – A2aR signaling pathway,” which down-regulates joint inflammation, provides long term pain relief, and promotes restoration of the cartilage.

Thermal Stimulation significantly inhibits chondrocytes apoptosis and promotes anabolic (restorative) activities of the cartilage.

Pain affects the quality of life for millions of patients.

NovoPulse MKX-1 is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive, joint-specific, and computer-controlled device that produces a thermally-assisted electrical stimulation, providing fast and lasting pain relief while enhancing cartilage rejuvenation.

The newly developed NovoPulse technology leverages the latest medical discoveries, synergistically combining Electric Field Stimulation and Thermal Stimulation for pain management and treatment of osteoarthritis. With the NovoPulse, Electric Field Stimulation, with appropriate amplitude, orientation, and distribution, is delivered to the treatment zone (targeted cartilage and joint space), which interacts with chondrocytes and activates the adenosine – A2aR pathway.

NovoPulse works well as an in-office therapeutic modality and also serves exceptionally well as a self-care management tool for the chronic pain patient.

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