WebExercises vs. Paper handouts

Are You Still Using Paper Copies For Your Patients’ Home Exercises and Stretches?

Your clinic and your patients deserve better. Why?

Problem: A paper copy or photocopy of a photocopy with stick figures or old images is hard to understand

Solution: WebExercises® gives you or your staff the ability to quickly and easily create concise and personalized exercise programs, selecting from over 3,000 clinically accepted exercises and stretches from all body regions. Instruction sheets can be printed or delivered by email, customized with your clinic’s name and logo.

Problem: It’s common for patients to lose or misplace their handouts

Solution: Patients will no longer have a vague outline of an exercise. They will no longer have to rely on memory or scribbled notes for what they’re supposed to do and how many times they’re supposed to do it. They will no longer say, “Was I supposed to rotate my wrist this way? Was I supposed to rotate my shoulder that way?”

WebExercises® lets you create programs by selecting from over 3,000 exercises or by using our condition-based protocols. Or add your photos and video to create your own personalized exercise library.

With the paperless email prescription feature, there’s no software for patients to buy or download. Patients can view their exercise prescription by accessing their email. For those who either don’t have or don’t want to use a computer, they will receive all the benefits of WebExercises® following the personalized exercise handouts and calendar keeping them on track. Your patient’s satisfaction and their sense of being an individual with an injury, and not an injury with a name, will create referrals and increase productivity within clinics utilizing WebExercises®.

Problem: Wouldn’t it be great to give patients something more engaging that improves the chance of program compliance and thus improved outcomes?

Solution: WebExercises lets you share exercise programs to any device and track their execution through our mobile patient portal. Get real-time feedback on pain, RPE and progress or regress your patients accordingly. Stop the guess-work and increase your patients’ accountability.

We believe it’s time to give your paper handouts a ‘facelift’ by replacing them with a digital program – one that patients can access from any device – that showcases videos of all the exercises they must do and gives them a chance to track what they are doing.

Interested? Try WebExercises – a service that gives you access to 3500+ exercise videos, pictures and descriptions that can be easily shared with patients. New to rehab? We also have clinically proven best practice protocols for all major conditions. Treating a specific population? We have special libraries such as geriatric or pregnancy.

And the best of all… the full exercise prescription and patient engagement service might even cost you less than paper copies, especially when you factor in all the time and energy you and your team spend on finding and changing the relevant exercise handouts.

It’s just $349 per year (which is less than $30 per month).

What are you waiting for?

About WebExercises:

WebExercises was created with the belief that patients want to participate in their healthcare. And if given the proper guidance they will succeed. In the rehabilitation environment, home exercise program paper handouts have been an industry standard, however we believe patients deserve more than the status quo. This has driven us to lead the industry since 2005 providing the best home exercise program and patient experience. We have delivered over 10 million exercises to patients helping them improving their health.

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